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"Metal Hammer"

"They're dark and twisted and they bite with just the right amount of nu-metal heaviness...Laced with a certain demanding dramatic mystery that mixes a Korn-esque sense of heavy musical adventure with Skunk Anansie's melody and power - expect big things in the very near future" - Metal Hammer


"'Spawn...' packs a devastating punch full of fractured, hypnotic beauty as singer Grog's Siouxsie-lacquered wail hits a throbbing wall of bloodied bass grooves and bare-knuckled guitar head on". - Kerrang!


"Die So Fluid maintain the heady atmosphere, rocking a monstrous, commercial sound. They bolt huge, catchy riffs onto the timeless structure of a pop song and drive the whole thing through walls, with singer Grog on top, inducing seizures with her weapon-like snarl. Hey, this band are so above the law, they can even play GUITAR SOLOS! Fool, get down on your knees and show respect!" - RockSound

"The Independent"

Frontwoman Grog is already something of a legend. - The Independent

"Bubblegum Slut (UK) album review"

The London-based trio have created possibly one of the best albums you will hear in a while; their distinctive sound will elate your ears until they empathically recognize that Die So fluid have a potential the size of Gene Simmons’ ego. Not Everybody Gets A Happy Ending has certain unique style but also raw and unrefined. Die So Fluid are a breath of fresh air amongst the stagnation of modern rock, and this album can be listened to over and over again until you’d rather chew your ears off. There’s no doubt that DSF are going to triumph in the world of rock, so be on the look out!

- Bubblegum Slut (UK)

"New Pollution (UK) album review"

With their car crash dynamics of Rock & Punk interwoven with Grog’s heart-trampled vocals creates quite an uncontrollable Rock monster. Quite possible a contender for album of 2008! - New Pollution (UK)

"Classic Rock"

Hooked to high heaven, the album is easily as deserving of your attention as anything they have done before, which is high praise indeed. Throw You Away and the title track border on genius. You need to hear DSF.
- Classic Rock

"Alternative Magazine"

Each song challenges with a new sound. Swaggers through your cranium. Fiercely spinning: epic - Alternative Magazine

"Vertigo (in Finnish)"

Not Everybody Gets A Happy Ending on todella onnistunut kokonaisuus, joka tuntuu vain paranevan kuuntelukertojen myötä. Levystä puhuttaessa olisi helppoa heittää tiskiin kaikki rockjournalismin kuluneimmat kliseet, sillä paketti on juuri sitä itseään; klassisen hyvä rocklevy, jolla kliseisyys ja nostalgia lyövät hymyssä suin kättä tuoreen energisyyden kanssa. - Vertigo

"Classic Rock (live review)"

Emerging from the alternative rock underworld, DSF present a commercially viable mix of soaring melodies and doom-laden, trhas-core grind. Opening with the first of four songs from their latest album, Gang of One kicks off a set that shows no signs of fatigue even after 14 nights of back-to-back gigs. As their latest album's title attests Not Everybody Gets A Happy Ending, but on this evidence no one deserves one more than Die So Fluid. - Classic Rock


Not everybody gets a happy ending (album). February 2008.
Existential Baby (single). February 2008.
Happy Halloween (single). October 2007.
Spawn of Dysfunction (album). 2005.

Parole Records.
Distribution - UK: Cargo, Scandinavia & Baltics: Playground Music, USA: KOCH, Russia & Ukraine: Soyuz.



Formed couple years ago, and exploded onto the alternative rock scene with their darkly individual and metal-edged soundscape. Sultry underworld siren Grog provides soaring, passionate vocals and hard-hitting bass guitar, accompanied by mohawked king of the darkwave Drew Richards on guitar, and John Bonham inspired drumming firework frenzy, Al Fletcher. Besides this band of their own, they have had some day jobs to pay the rent: Grog, the most visible moonlighter of the three, was playing bass for Mel C and Kelly Osbourne, and Piano for Ozzy. Al managed to score a Grammy playing drums for Lee 'Scratch' Perry on 'Jamaican E.T.'. Drew did the soundtrack to feature length documentary 'The mind scape of Alan Moore'. Drawing on influences ranging from The Deftones and Black Sabbath to Siouxsie Sioux and Hole, their music is a compelling mix of raw emotion laced with infectious melody.

Die So Fluid unleashed their debut album Spawn of Dysfunction in 2005, a psychotic discharge of punishing anthems, ethereal temperament and bile by the bucket-load. Mark Williams-produced album demonstrated an innovative and monstrous hybrid of brooding, unrestrained metal sensibility fused with the bare-skinned raw essence of punk. Having charmed a devoted, ever-growing cult of fans around the world with their live act, honed their collective mystic skills, and sought out like-minded consorts for the journey ahead, a follow up album is now complete and thrashing it's bloody horns against the bars to be released in early 08. Die So Fluid devastation will be driven home with the passion only they possess. This year promises to be the one where the band will either do or die so fluid...