Die Standing

Die Standing


Die Standing songs are power anthems build from the passion and fury of three Steel City rock n roll junkies. Hard-working and hauling ass, this punk-trio brings their every drop of sweat to every stage they hit, bringing a powerful wall of sound with them.


Hamilton, Ontario's DIE STANDING are their own brand of energetic punk rock. Officially formed in 2007, James Hand (vox/guitar), Josh Ward (vox/bass) and Nick Sturm (drums) have since delivered their sound across the GTA.

In August 2009, their first studio record, NO HERO was released, featuring 12 killer tracks of anger, underdogs, and hope;

“Tight punchy pop – and yes, punk, could all be words used to describe the tunes, but the music also seems to transcend genres.” – VIEW Magazine

NO HERO has also been honored with a nomination for Hamilton Music Awards’ “Punk Record of the Year - 2009”, and the trio continues to put all their blood and sweat into everything they do, writing new songs, rehearsing, and bringing their energy to the stage.


Die Standing - EP (2006)

No Hero (2009)

Set List

We usually do anywhere between 6-10 songs for a set, filling about 25-45 mins. We've done sets at clubs that have gone on for 1hr 20mins without disruption or losing speed. We have about 18 songs in our regular repetour, 16 of them being originals.