Diet Audio

Diet Audio

 Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

CEA Award winner Diet Audio's second full-length CD, due out August 15th 2012, delves deeper into a territory of heavy beats, sound manipulation, lush melodies, and a pounding live show. The band are master sound manipulators, and pair raw energy with dark vocals, solid hooks and flashing lights.


Since its inception in Fall of 2003 Diet Audio’s unique, dark art-rock sound steeped in electronics has garnered a loyal following of fans, and the momentum just keeps building. Headlining venues from NYC to Philly, the band recently garnered a CincinnatiEntertainment Award as proof.

The Silver Unicorn Club, released August 15th 2012, delves
deeper into a territory of heavy beats, sound manipulation, and lush melodies. A fierce hybrid of indie-rock hooks and ethereal electronic textures redefines genres while maintaining a consistent sound.

Diet Audio have performed at the prestigious Midpoint Music Festival for four consecutive years. They have performed at Desdemona Festival with The Fiery Furnaces, The Walkmen, Ghostface Killah, Enon, and more, headlined Electrofest, performed at Chicks Rockfest music festival, Revolutions Art & Music Festival and Hell’s Half Mile Music & Film Festival to name a few. They also performed on 6ABC-TV in Philadelphia. 2012 summer tour dates TBA.


*"The Silver Unicorn Club" (LP) 2012
*"Ecrasez L' Infame"(LP) 2007
*"Diet Audio" (Single) 2004
*Chicks Rockfest Compilation CD
*Revolutions Art & Music Festival Compilation CD
*Project Woman Compilation CD

Set List

Diet Audio's Set List includes:

People as Architecture
There is No Start
Goodbye Solution
Lightning Speed
In Her Hair
Drugs & Cigarettes
Fisa Cassata
New Front
Song 87
In The Dark
Numbers are Sometimes Irrational
Ghost in the Machine
I Fly