Die to Yourself

Die to Yourself



Die to Yourself, from the sticks of Oklahoma, is a Metal/Hardcore band that thrives on throwing down hardcore vocals with metal melodic guitar lines. Stacked with blast-beat drums and punkish bass-lines, Die to Yourself is influenced by bands such as Killswitch Engage, As I Lay Dying, and Unearth. The band makes a conscious effort to write quality music in order to present a sound that can be enjoyable by an array of different listeners.

The band got its start in July of 2005 and began touring in the summer of 2006. Branching out from their hometown, touring has led them all across the United States allowing their nationwide fan base to grow as well. In the Spring 2007 series of “Uprise Zine,” Die to Yourself is posted in issue #6 as one of the “Band’s You Should Know About.” They have been blessed to perform at various venues and festivals such as Ichthus, Cornerstone, and Foundry Fest. Die to Yourself has also had the privilege of sharing the stage with such acts as Unearth, A Day To Remember, Whitechapel and War of Ages.

With the current line up, consisting of Ben Yard (drums), Daryl Yard (guitar and singing), R.T. McFarland II (bass and singing), and Austin Michels (lead vocals), Die to Yourself continues on their journey to play at every “nook and cranny” venue they can find as well as working with the international music manufacturing companies such as US Music Corp (Washburn Guitars and Randal Amps), Axis Pedals, Kurt Mangum Strings and Spector Bass Guitars.

These “grizzly” looking musicians are dedicated to sharing love through their music, work ethics and the time dedicated to their fans at shows. Die to Yourself- depicts dying to one’s flesh and living for Christ.


EP - Fear Involves Torment (2006)

Demo - Freedom(2008)

Full Length - The Unfading Truth (2009)

Set List

1 Greater
2 Alone
- break
3 Desolate Earth
4 He is Holy
- break
5 The Dividing Factor
6 Set Sail
(Run Time 30min)