Dietrich Strause

Dietrich Strause

 Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

Dietrich Strause owns one of the finer collections of songs on the Boston music scene. The literate poetry at the heart of Strause's music is able to captivate and silence the noisiest of clubs. Whether solo, or with his band, Strause's lyricism creates a narrative that cultivates its own following.


Dietrich Strause owns one of the finer collections of songs on the Boston music scene. Strause’s creations come at you first with their simple charm, a lot of which resides in his gentle persona and friendly attitude. It’s hard not to like this kid. Young as he is, Dietrich is as mature and tested as any of his local songwriting elders. His first gigs were as a trumpet player at biker bars in central Pennsylvania when he was only 15. Strause moved to Boston in 2008 after graduating from Oberlin College. He’s worked as a dog-walker, a subject in medical research studies, and a studio player recording music for Chinese textbooks - all of this comes out in his own music, which is a comfortable and careful mix of real journeys, clever literary references, and striking pastoral imagery.

Dietrich’s humble and open stage demeanor makes it clear that he’s grateful for his skills as a songwriter. With two full-length albums in less than three years, constant gigging, and active participation in the Boston community’s rich music scene, he’s certainly embraced his talent. Strause’s songs are versatile—personal and richly detailed, but replete with universal imagery. He is currently working on his third full-length studio album, produced by his guitarist Austin Nevins (member of Josh Ritter's Royal City Band). His live band and studio group is an outfit of the Boston area's finest musicians, including regular members who have toured and recorded with artists such as Patty Griffin and Ray LaMontagne.

Video of Dietrich playing his song "Lemonade Springs"

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Annie Dear/Lemonade Springs (single, 2012)
Laborsongs & Barkingdogs (full length, 2010)
Dietrich Strause (full length, 2009)

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