Die Vermin

Die Vermin


Die Vermin is a metal band that makes extremely heavy music, complete with guitar solos, intricate drums, keyboards, and eerie samples.


Die Vermin was formed in August of 2008 with one main goal...to make intense, heavy music with a sometimes frightening feel. This band is about reaching people on a personal level. We understand the anger, depression, fear, and overall insanity of life and it comes through in our music. The band isn't like any other from their area, or at all, for that matter. When you listen to Die Vermin or experience our high-energy live performance, you know you're experiencing something one of a kind.


We are in the process of recording a demo and a few of our songs can be heard here...www.myspace.com/dievermin

Set List

Opening sample
Trunions And Pulverizers
This Nothing
Where Is Bob Levinson?
Remember To Forget
Beneath The Skin

Set list is typically a half hour long.