Detroit, Michigan, USA
BandHip HopR&B

earned his name from being the underdog on the music scene and having a unique style thats incomparable to alot of artists especially the newer generation. Born and rasied on Detroit's east side, Difrent began to work on his craft but never took music his serious until he realized music is a good option to
get a message out to the people who can relate


In early 2010, being convinced by friends and family members, he began to upload music to myspace. Over a short period of time, he began to gain a following on there. By that summer he noticed his following started to grow larger than ever gaining him 2 million profile views on myspace. That fall he released his first project titled, "Outstanding", 15 track mixtape under his own imprint which is his independent company Keep Um Up Records, can be found on itunes, amazon, and cdbaby.

By it being his frist project, "Outstanding" was really the mixtape that helped him get into the phase of finding his style. Ever since then Difrent has been approached, then turned down by a couple industry proffessionals due to the content of his music isnt at the mainstream level. He has recorded and released 2 mixtapes.

He released his 2nd project, "PreAddiction" August 2010, which was a 9 track mixtape that contained a selection of his latest work, showed that he has worked hard and it really shows the improvement in which he has perfected his craft. March 2011, he started a twitter account and as of now his fan base is currently building up to over thousands of followers with over a thousand youtube subscribers.

He has started a cult following known as Team MaxedOut which means, we live life,what ever your good at doing, make sure your the best at it do it the max!

To stay connected to Difrent and to get exclusive music and videos, check out his official website WWW.IAMDIFRENT.COM


"Outstanding" 2010
"PreAddiction" 2011
'TSA" 2012