Difuntos Correa

Difuntos Correa


Difuntos Correa is a very popular rock band in Chile and Latinamerica. We played in the biggest festivals in different countries, including Peace&Love Festival (Sweeden) with ManuChao and Sex Pistols.


Difuntos Correa is one of the most explosive rock bands in today's latin american scene.

We offer a high energy pure and original rock sound, combining the versatility of our bronze section (trumpet, trombone) and an appreciation and respect for our Chilean rock heritage, mixing our originals with some covers from the Los Jaivas, Inti Illimani, Victor Jara, Violeta Parra. We love to play! With more than 100+ a year, the band has also been dubbed "The hardest working rock band in Chile". Our first album, "Tramposo Amor", achieved Golden Disc sales with EMI, earning awards such as best rock band Chile.

Difuntos Correa is the perfect band to international festivals that are looking for a latin rock group.

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Tramposo Amor (2004). EMI
Resucitando la Fé (2007). EMI
Ilusionismo (2009). Alerce

Set List

Tramposo Amor
El Precio
Mujer Azul
Mil Veces
Black Dancing
Oveja Negra
La Primera
Mujer Angel Diablo
El Tiempo en las Bastillas
Sube a Nacer Conmigo Hermano

COVERS: Some Latin Hits
TIME: 60 min. aprox.