We're a funk-rock-jam band with a party vibe & catchy songs that set the girls dancin and guys jammin. Our sound grooves-up from somewhere in the 60's&70's, kindova Zeppelin-on-P-funk meets Hendrix-on-James-Brown. Professional, reliable, experienced with a strong fan-base.


Former 'Ill Mic' lead singer, Shon Miller, starting jamming with former 'Undershine' guitarist Michael D'Arrigo just for the fun of it - the cosmos hiccupped, then they met former 'Cacklefruit' members Jonathan Hamilton and Scott Bricker, and things happen to fit together nicely - like connecting a funky jigsaw puzzle. The question is, what does the puzzle's picture look like now that the pieces are linked?

Start with a 70's-esque funky basis, mix in improvisational jam elements, then top it off with some riff-rock - DIG's sound is an original amalgam for sure - but despite the 'stew of styles', DIG strings a common thread through all their music: a feel-good, have-fun, danceable groove combined with lyrics and melodies that surf the sound in everything from scandalous waves with hilarious images (picture a pimped-out "All Steel Big Wheel") to thoughtful tides with a humanistic ebb and flow ("Hello CNXN")

The band has a wealth of combined and diverse experience with formally trained members, lots of road-time and a paisley-bubble kind of presence which they bring to their live performances... and... wait - you've heard all this before, right?

Really, you can have all the experience in the world, but it doesn't matter if it doesn't translate into the excitement of playing live. The real story here is this: a DIG show is fun, charged and spontaneous because of the exuberance the players have for the music and the vibrancy they bring to it's performance - DIG?


The Shovel - 3 singles released are 1) All Steel Big Wheel 2)Bring It 3)Hello CNXN

Set List

We might cover The Meters, James Brown, Prince, The Jackson Five, Jimi Hendrix or other artists, but we may not. We have over a dozen original songs and can perform for up to (about) 2 hours - or longer with sufficient notice.