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Digable Cat

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sultry Illinois-based groove machine


by Donna Wintergreen

Over the years, the notion of cool has evolved. Digable Cat, while evoking the image of an old-school “hep cat”, is decidedly not old-school cool. In fact, this six piece ensemble defines the new cool: intelligent, inspired, collaborative, world, and yes, great musicians and song writers.
Fronted by two prodigious songwriters, former Romanian pop star, the smart and sultry Alina Giurgiu (Jais) and the band’s founder and glue, talented guitarist, Gregg Mandel, Digable Cat’s original songs sweep the listener into densely melodic hooky music that spans genres but always winds back to a brew that is uniquely Digable. It’s a “dig-able” sound, defined by Alina’s powerful vocals, Nathan Syfrig’s soulful electric violin and keyboard virtuosity, and the energetic playing of guitar lead, Rich Valadez.
What makes Digable Cat so intriguing are those opposites…the yin/yang balance that ultimately makes a piece of art so enjoyable. Unlike many bands who write from similar influences, Digable Cat embraces its diversity: male/female; American/Romanian; youth/maturity. Digable Cat proves that great rock music can cross the pond, span generations and genres. Digable Cat’s youngest member, Rich Valadez contributes a powerful love song, “It’s All Done” that has ridden the indie charts to number one, while the more mature Brad Newton (“Dr. Brad”) the band’s drummer, a lyricist and songwriter of particular depth and originality, developed the clever concept of “My TV” (a song about an agoraphobic TV addict) and the haunting images of “The Inquisitor.” Alina, whose mother is a Romanian composer, has bravely faced assimilation into a new world, the difficulty of which she writes about in “Home”, a song about a longing for home but a feeling of alienation, and in “Soldier”, a song about violence (real and imagined), loss and redemption. Alina, whose previous band, Jais, sold 50,000 units in Romania, landed her on the cover of European Elle, and is still in airplay in heavy rotation there, is now concentrated on the American market.
Gregg, whose father is a St.Louis bluesman and pianist, has been writing songs since he was 16, leading Digable to its first writing and recording success with “Mary Poppins”, co-written by former Digable Cat vocalist, Susie Lofton. As a member of Digable Cat, Gregg has toured London and has lead the band in securing gigs at Chicago’s House of Blues main stage, and with his former band, Sister Child, has played Cleveland’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
The band’s second LP “Letters from My Dreams”, delivers an overall message slightly different from the band’s song “Letters From Your Dreams” which explores the imaginings of a long-time, long-distance friendship. Instead, the new LP is an intimate gift from the band to the listener. “Where,” according to Alina, “Every song is, in itself, a story, a message, from inside Digable Cat.”



Written By: Digable Cat

Long day. Take this never ending journey to the night
Mount up. All you undercover angels taking flight
And keep me. Afterall you are the keepers of the flame
And reach me. From the four winds of the earth and speak my name

Good life. Always looking for the path that leads to you
No strife. Let your heart be light and love will lead you thru
Why fight? Simplify and love will surely meet half way
You'll find. You can make it to the end of every day.

When I need to find the words I use my dictionary
But I can't find words to define
You're extraordinary
I found a reason to this rhyme, you keep me satisfied
A life that pays in sweet sunrays shine
In the darkened corners of my mind

So sweet dreams. You have always been a seeker of the peace
And good deeds I always had a little trouble sinking deep
My heart bleeds. For all the lonely peoplewalking in the street
But God sees. And He sends a little mercy down to me


And You reach me. Oohh You teach me yeah... All the time.

Repeat first verse


Written By: Digable Cat


Looking out my window at the falling rain
Dancing on my window payne
Talk to me sweetly, speak it to me plain
You got me so enchanted, in your spell again

Thunder rolls and rumbles, but there's no need to complain
Just lay beside me and stay
I just want to drift away, sleep

Looking out my window at the falling rain
Dancing on my window payne
You got me so distracted, like a moth to a flame
Oh if I lose you papa, it'd be a crying shame

chorus 2
Tired of all the running, and working everyday
Just push this busy world away
I just wanna drift away and sleep

come home come home
come home come home
stay, stay stay
right here with me
in this sea of dreams


Letters from My Dreams (2007)
Digable Cat - 3 song EP (2005)
Digable Cat - 3 song EP (2004)
Skratch Traxx - Full length (2003)

Skratch Traxx and the first EP are on CDBaby as well as digital distribution (Itunes, Rhapsody, etc.)

Set List

We can play anywhere from one to three 45 minute sets including
It's All Done
Letter from Your Dreams
Nowhere To Run
Down The Road
Mary Poppins
The Word
Stop Me
Haunted House

Stayin' Alive (Bee Gees)
Dancing in the Moonlight (King's Harvest)
Here Comes The Sun (Beatles)
Karma Police (Radiohead)
Only Happy When It Rains (Garbage)
Fell In Love With A Boy (White Stripes)