Imagine going back to the 90's and Mudhoney just got off stage. Got one more band to go before Nirvana headlines, and L7 just couldnt make the gig. Know who they'd call?? They'd call Digamy. Whoever still beleives "Grunge is Dead" should LISTEN TO DIGAMY.


Leading the pack on lead vocals and guitar is the talented David Guevara. He can make his guitar weep one moment and the next moment (with the help of distorion) he can create an array of noises that just plain rock. His vocals are powerful and peirce right through the ears of their listeners letting them know that he has something to say.

Vlad, the laid-back bassist creates the thumping sound of Digamy's beating heart. He plays the funkiest sounding (and looking bass) to exist and through it all, creates a beat that makes you want to move. He also brings it home on their hit Jonestown Future when he belts out vocals that are sure to capture everyones attention and bring them to their knees.
Digamy's drummer pounds the drums heavily and articuletly to give his punk rock aggression a soothing and tasteful touch. Together they make the heaviest, most rockin', rythem section this side of the 59th Street Bridge.

The power trio has remained local, playing bars and clubs in Astoria, raking in the fans everytime. They've shared the stage with the best NYC has to offer and continue their chase for the light at the end of the tunnel. While Digamy is still an 'underground band' they have recently played big stages including the Astoria Music and Arts 5 Day Rock Oddysey and the yearly Astoria Music Now! Festival where first time listeners and fans of all ages enjoyed their fast hard rock sound.

Combining an amazing blend of driving and dynamic original music, with the freedom of punk rock and noise, Digamy's musical extravanganza will keep all audiences entertained, smiling, rocking out, laughing and having an amazing time.
Minds will blow, heads will be turned, and bodies will move, all from the exuberance and intoxication brought to them by DIGAMY.



Written By: David Guevara

Post your billboards here
Enough's been said
When you have time bury your dead
Enjoy your stay
I need my fix
I taught myself
Some brand new tricks
Kill what cannot die
It's in your head
It might be him
It's me instead
We saw them win
We watched them fall
We became better friend after all
I need a job
I need to rest
I need to think about what comes next
At any cost
It costs too much
She's innocent so may i touch
I killed myself three days ago
The reason why
I still dont know
So fuck it all
Whats there to fuck?
The best war war
Was the one not fought

Soda Highballs

Written By: David Guevara

Please step right up
We have society for sale
Receipts for broken dreams and other rich details
I feel much calmer inside of my paranoid mind
If they're not after me, i pity those they want

I've settled for the things they have in store for me
I've thought of things to say but not of things i've said
Forgive me it's just that i've been here for a while
Oh well forget it i'll just see you again sometime

Show me how it gets to me
Show me how it gets to me
Show me how it gets to me
I can't make it pity me
Show me how it gets to me
Show me how it gets to me
Show me how it gets ti me
I think i like my sanity


Written By: David Guevara

You are the outcome i came to destroy
My mode of thinking just keeps running out
I think you like me but i'm never sure
Ready or not i can make myself die
My paranoia is making me twitch
The marks on my arms are making me itch
I am the no one that doesnt exist
Follow me now and i'll lead you to bliss

Look for the black hole that lives in the sky
Follow a tunnel to the other side
I would suggest to get lost on the way
Following paths became dangerous now
You be the light to shine on my closed eyes
Human endorphins keep me satisfied
I'll be the no one who doesnt exist
Follow me now and i'll lead you to bliss

Before you enter shed off your skin,
Then step inside and discover within
You will soon realize that this is a test
And all the outcomes have all been the same
Then you can speak without the use of words
And you can leave without using the door
I'll be the no one who doesnt exist
Follow me now and i'll lead you to bliss


A Shape Named SayTen

Set List

We play all original music, written and arranged by DIGAMY.

Our songs include

Feed Me
Soda Highballs
Miracle Worker
Jonestown Future
Do It Right
The Home Song
Slow Pace

Our sets last up to 45 minutes.