High energy rock/pop with jazz musicianship - Great players playing great music. Dig is the Ultimate Party Band. Covers if you want 'em, originals if you want 'em, we can play jazzy, or we can rock the house. We got it all.


Dig is the Real Deal. Great players doing what they love to do. Old school musicianship with a modern feel - no backing tracks or lip synching here. A great time is always had by all. Veteran Ann Arbor Musicians doing great covers, originals, jazz, rock, pop, funk with or without horns.


CD's - "Dig This", "That is Also True", "Dig Live", "Songs in the Key of 120"
Singles - "Time", "In My Car", "Boneshuffle", "I Like Drinkin'"
Signed to El Gordo Records in 2007

Set List

Sets are 45-60 minutes
Classic Rock, Funk, Jazz, Dance, World Beat, Covers - classic rock, jazz, horn tunes, originals too.
Steely Dan, Stevie Wonder, Paul Simon, Sublime, Duke Ellington, Frank Sinatra - we can do it all.