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Dig Devil Dig



In 2009, the members of Dig Devil Dig began composing a catalogue of original music, which has since developed into their own unique brand of gritty, brutally honest rock. At times, both heart-wrenching and hilarious, Cheyne McCormick's storytelling ability and soulful voice are a perfect match for a group of musicians whose genre-bending style and creativity seem endless at this point. From London, Ontario, Dig Devil Dig is a team of dedicated songwriters delivering a genuine and captivating sound.


The Bathroom Lights

Written By: Cheyne McCormick

The Bathroom Lights (Humpty Jumped)

i'm an animal
i can't keep anything down
oh it's a lot of pressure
it's a lot of trying
in a carbon mine
in a mixed blue bout of sunshine
here's hoping
here's to getting out on time

you woke up your fat heart
you woke up in a bad place
you rolled over scratching your ass
and you drove out for coffee
but don't fall asleep at the wheel
'cause i won't pick up the pieces
and all the king's horses...

one day, they will all go blind
like an oven mitt
on the way in to paradice
i'm an animal
i can piss on mine
i've seen the other class in a mantra
screaming 'no more truth'
then they broke all the mirrors in the room

i had so many happy thoughts
i lost them all at once
i lost them in a big bang
i lose so many things
all the king's horses
so many extra pieces

Too Much Of A Good Thing

Written By: Cheyne McCormick

give me a corner of the market
i could make a killing
on fancy crap that won't break down
until you make it home
one for the price of many
i walk to work
'cause it soothes my bones
chips corners off my shoulders
and the wife and kids
just break my balls
they're always picking
too much of a good thing
can only hurt you
when the boss is out
we're strictly business
i'm up and energetic
for faster cars and sterile women
why would you ever stop winning?
you work for something until it works you
and it'll work you
late at night
when i'm trying to sleep
and the numbers are always ticking
i close my eyes
and i count them all
the pink, pink, pink little piggies flying
it was once in a lifetime brother
not one in a million


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