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Rochester, New York, United States | SELF

Rochester, New York, United States | SELF
Band EDM New Age


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Artist's Corner : the archaeologist"

the archaeologist is searching
the archaeologist is creating
the archaeologist is bohemian space cowboy
the archaeologist is digging
rochester, ny

The concept for the album “parlez vous francais?” is a lofi vintage era 1950s france of sipping wine by the river, and smoking cigarettes. an old learn how to speak french record subliminally layered over a bed of zoned out chopped loops and erratic off beat drums. learn some conversational french or just relax and enjoy the atmosphere. - Jitter Noise

"DON’T SLEEP: the archaeologist “parlez vous francais?” [BEAT TAPE]"

Last week, a beat tape dropped from a beatmaker called the archaeologist. The beat tape goes by the name of “parlez vous francais?”. I listened to it about a hour ago and decided to post it up on PIK right now. Don’t sleep on it… - ?

"The Archaeologist – “Parlez Vous Francais?” beat tape"

The Archaeologist, a producer from Rochester, New York, released a beat tape this month, titled “Parlez Vous Francais?“. There are educational French vocal samples from the ’50s, over twitchy, lo-fi, hip hop beats. Basically, by the end of the 12 tracks, you’ll know how to say conversational things like: “Fork“, “Knife“, “Have you any soup?“, “What vegetables have you got?“, various vegetables, “How are you?“, “Has it arrived?“, “Money in hand, let’s go shopping“, “It’s on the left“, and so on.

And when I say beat tape here, I mean a for real, limited-edition cassette tape. Stream the beats below. Then, either download via the “buy now” option, or purchase the home-made cassette tape for $8 quickly (it’s a limited edition of 5 tapes, and there’s only 1 left).

dreamclouds of soft spoken conversation. available on handmade cassette tape w/ collectable pack/artwork, meaning that everything is done at our home, the spaceship. we press the tapes, do the artwork, etc. and we use recycled materials as much as possible. each tape/pack is unique and usually includes a [?] bonus item of some sort

also available on digital 1’s and 0’s

(tape includes digital) - Crayon Beats - Tiffology

"The Archaeologist, 'parlez vous francais'"

The Scene: You have guests over. You need background music to set the mood. All your mixtapes are composed of breakup songs; you're not too sure your guests dig chill-wave as much as you; and you want to be hip and worldly without seeming too pretentious or resorting to world music.

The Answer: The Archaeologist's 'parlez vous francais?'. It's win-win-win. You get ethereal beats, your guests get to learn French just by sitting in your lounge or bedroom, and you get to be cultured for a night.

This scenario is also applicable for people who work in a cafe or any fashionable store.

The only downer is that nowhere on the mix is there instructions on how to order poutine. It's three simple words 'Je voudrais poutine' [Zhuh voo-DREH poo-TEEN]. This isn't the Archaeologist's fault; it's the material he has to work with. But it's a significant error on the part of the folks who made the language tape, and should be corrected on all future editions.

Also, if you're a collector or still live in the early 90s and want a hard-copy of what the Archaeologist has to offer, you can order cassettes - they come complete with special edition artwork and 'a few hidden surprises'. - risk and consequence - jim morrow


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the archaeologist is digging

rochester, ny