Chicago, Illinois, USA

Digeometric is a concept idea that bloomed in the Summer of 2010. The formation of this group happened both spontaneously and sporadically. The music being created by Digeometric occurs in the same manner. Both their unique sound and their energetic performances will leave you wanting more.


The formation of Digeometric began early in June of 2010 on the south side of Chicago. Their music can be described as a fusion of genres, combining the best of and not limited to Disco, Electronic, Funk, Improvisation, Jazz, Psychedelic, & good old Rock N Roll. Digeo, as they are called for short, have been able to greatly impact their audiences concert experience through emotional influence by way of their instrumental progressive jams. What started out as an open experiment in improvisation, slowly progressed into creating music with a strong foundation, in which the band is able break away from, and capture the essence of the moment by creating jams through spontaneity. Much of Digeos music can be considered an exchange of melodic phrases, spoken over rhythmic grooves speckled with predestined improvisational riffs and syncopated melodious shapes.

The name Digeometric is derived from the phrase Digital Geometry. As geometry questions an objects shape, size, relative position, and properties of space, Digeometric uses their instruments to explore music in the same manner. Each riff can be considered a musical expression, and by adjusting and playing with these expressions shape, size, position and properties, Digeometric is able to venture to the edges of their unique style, exploring the musical possibilities, which present themselves at the moment. The band features Dave Campbell on Guitar, Michael Duffy on Drums, Alex Francois on Tenor Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, & Keys, Marty Gierczyk on Tenor Saxophone & Ewi, and Ken Pecho on Bass. From one song to the next their audiences can experience somewhat drastic musical mood swings, as Digeometric alters their musical texture from smooth and sultry underlying soundscapes to rough and shifting melodic riffs.

Digeos unified goal is to communicate love and happiness through music. Above all things, they like connecting with their fans as much as possible, and uniquely offer many of their concert experiences for free as live recordings through a number of different websites, with the two most prominent being Soundcloud and BandCamp. Digeometrics music is really about the live concert experience, as each performance gives way to different jams and different melodic expressions each time a song is played. Digeo have yet to release a studio-recorded album, but fans should be on the lookout for something in late 2014. Digeometrics live performances tend to generate pleasant atmospheres filled with positive vibes and groovy energy.

As a group they share many common musical influences as well as many different. Some of the artists that have impacted them are Average White Band, Chicago, John Coltrane, The Disco Biscuits, Earth Wind and Fire, Grateful Dead, Buddy Guy, Hall and Oates, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Mahavishnu Orchestra, New Order, Phish, Pink Floyd, Sonny Rollins, Tool, Grover Washington Jr., and Neil Young.

Digeometric has performed at many locations in the Midwest. As they continue to expand their fan base, they look very much forward to playing for fresh audiences at different venues all over. If you would like to know more about Digeometric feel free to reach out.

Music Festivals 2011:

Funk You 2011 (IL)
Good People Good Times (IN)
Chicago Peace Fest 2011 (IL)
Land of Electric (MI)
Jammin on the Wolf (WI)
SpaceStock 2011 (IL)

Music Festivals 2012:

Winter Peace Fest (IL)
Gathering of the Tribes (IL)
May Daze (IN)
SpaceStock 2012 (IL)
Hoodilidoo (MI)
Jammin on the Wolf (WI)

Music Festivals 2013:

Hoodilidoo (MI)
Duck Fest (IL)
Jammin on the Wolf (WI)