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Chicago, Illinois, United States | SELF

Chicago, Illinois, United States | SELF
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Hello, Drew 'Digit' Cohen here of Digit-Dub. What is Digit-Dub?

Digit-Dub is a blend of new school 100% live improvised dub with a twist of old school mixing and on the fly beat making. Hardly a sound produced of Digit-Dub music is pre-recorded. Genres are smashed, rules are broken, no sound is safe!!! Using primarily Korg synths, sequencers, loop-recorders, effect processors and samplers Digit-Dub music is on the level, however, not a computer is used. This is 100% live improvised dub dance music built from the ground up. You'll hear what you wouldn't think is possible. How does Dolly Parton do dance music?...

Come and see, Digit-Dub can show you!!!

How did Digit-Dub get started?

Well, I have always been a dancer first and foremost, break dancer. A few years back, great dance music was somewhat lacking in Chicago. Enough so to complain about. As my friends grew tired of hearing said complaining they ever so kindly suggested me to, "STOP COMPLAINING!!!, if you can't find the music you want to dance to then go make it yourself!!!

So that's what I did. I've always hear music in everything. When listening to music I hear not only what the artist is presenting, but the voids also. I like to think that these "voids," were left blank for a reason so they can be filled with elements of dance music. So I started to buy gear one piece at a time, and I began to fill the voids. Making every genre of music susceptible to becoming dance music. Blending pure dubbed sounds, on the fly beats, a twist of old school mixing and an endless void needing to be filled and thus create a new school 100% live improvised dub experience.