Digital Butter

Digital Butter

 Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA

"[Digital Butter] self produces all their tracks, creating the rare spectacle in modern R&B of a vocalist wailing away on a song she had to put some of her own soul into.”
- John-Michael Bond, The 1st Five


Digital Butter formed in February of 2009 when Adam Staudacher moved into a dirty mansion with Bexy Ribeiro in the hills of North Chattanooga. Bexy and Adam had a previous musical partnership and collaboration in the band Microdahts, and during Adam’s move Bexy discovered Adam had secretly been making hip-hop beats since 2003. Adam and Bexy then wrote and recorded their first album, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Analog Butter in a little less than four months. Their debut caused quite a stir in the local music scene, landed the band a feature in the Chattanooga Pulse, and led the way to slots alongside such acts as Doug E. Fresh, Ott, Emancipator, Alex B, and Telepath. Digital Butter has also performed at festivals such as Roots Fest ‘09/’10, the Keel Family Function, and Dexfest ‘09/’10. In the winter of 2010, the two decided to bring their live show to the next level by adding Hunter White (a longtime friend and former bandmate from Microdahts) on drums, Adam on bass guitar, and a live-effects microphone that Bexy uses to manipulate her voice and horn solos. Digital Butter is heavily influenced by soul, hip- hop, funk, and electronic music. They have recently released the Did Me Wrong EP, available for free download from digitalbutter., and are now in the studio finishing tracks for their second full length album, Melt.


2009 - I Can't Believe It's Not Analog Butter!
2010 - Did Me Wrong EP