Digital Frontier

Digital Frontier


Since its inception in April 2006, Digital Frontier has rapidly made waves within the livetronica scene creating a buzz that has landed them on festivals such as Camp Bisco VI and Buffalo Creek. This quartet delivers an energy-fueled performance pushing the boundaries of live, organic trance music.


Reigning from Mt. Kisco, NY, Digital Frontier is a four-piece electronica act. Venturing into the realm of sonic sound and wave manipulation, the quartet delivers a non-stop energetic performance of tranced out madness. Digital Frontier consists of the fraternal duo of Luke (bass) and Jesse Stocker (flute and synth), Matt Smilkstein (keys, synth), and Sol Montoya (drums). First performing in Vermont in April 2006, Digital Frontier has expanded its sound, producing tight compositions and digitally dance fueled beats.

Through a rigorous touring schedule throughout the Northeast, Digifront, as their fans dub them, has garnered a loyal and enthusiastic following. Performing to sold out and packed clubs such as Club Metronome (Burlington, VT), The Knitting Factory (NYC), and Appalachain Brewing Company (Harrisburg, PA), Digifront has created a buzz unlike any upcoming electronica act.

There's something special that sets Digifront aside from the pack. Perhaps it's Jesse's lush and melodic flute lines, maybe it's the pulsing and infectious rhythms of Sol. The fact of the matter is that there is a unique symbiosis amongst this quartet, one that has left concert goers shocked by the unprecedented energy this live act delivers. With influences ranging from Daft Punk, Chemical Brothers, Shpongle, The Disco Biscuits, and MSTRKRFT, Digital Frontier has set the stage for an exploratory and captivating career.

As music is an ever-evolving entity, this quartet is rapidly propelling it in the direction of the Digital Frontier


EP due in Fall 2007.

Set List

Straight Rollin'
Midnight Solstice
Served Cold
Miracle Mile
Undisputed King of Crunk
Electrothok Sherapy
Trife Life
Digitize Your Body
Lake Drift
Life During Wartime
Hits From The Bong
On The Run