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A number of rising livetronica bands spent Saturday at Shermans Dale, PA's at Nulton's Tree Farm as part of the day-long Summer Solstice festival. A number of notable cameos took place during performances by trance-brethren Quagmire Swim Team, PUSH, and Digital Frontier. Brothers Past bassist Clay Parnell made a surprise appearance at the festival, jamming with PUSH and playing bass on a drum-n-bass jam during the Quagmire Swim Team original "Kinda Low." Suburban Transit drummer Kelly Hollinger also joined Quagmire Swim Team for an impromptu percussion segment when the stage temporarily lost power. Additionally, Digital Frontier flutist Jesse Stocker and bassist Luke Stocker made appearances during PUSH's second set for an extended twenty-plus minute jam. During Digital Frontier's late night performance, Quagmire Swim Team guitarist Buzz came out for a jam during the band's "Malibu" only to be cut short forty minutes (at 5AM) into their set by the state police. Digital Frontier and Quagmire Swim Team will share a bill this Friday, June 29, at New York City's Pussycat Lounge strip club as part of Mixed Bag Production's NYC debut of "Tits and Trance." -

Since their inception in 2006, Digital Frontier has been pushing the boundaries of organic, live trance music. The quartet seamlessly fuses the hardwired sounds of synthesizers, keyboards, and computers – expertly tweaked by Matt Smilkstein – with lush flute runs played by Jesse Stocker, over pulsing beats, held down with drum machine-like perfection by drummer Sol Montoya and fellow battery-mate, bassist Luke Stocker. Digifront, as their fans call them, have garnered a loyal fanbase through out the northeast through a rigorous touring schedule and scorching live shows. Like all great musical explorers before them, they've set out on a boundless journey. If you're ready for the ride, join them in the Digital Frontier. - Adam Alperowicz: Relix Magazine Contributor

The young New York livetronica quartet Digital Frontier expanded into the world of hip-hop last night in Manhattan. The group, which plays a trancey brand of jam featuring flute and synth, was joined on stage by MCs Charles Hamilton and Yung Nate for a cross-genre mash-up at the Bowery Poetry Club. The sit-in served as a flawless segue between the band's set and the hip-hop act that followed. Digital Frontier first assembled early in 2006 but is fast gaining traction and renown in New York City. -

On Friday Disco Biscuits keyboardist Aron Magner played keyboards with King Britt, who produced several tracks on the group's forthcoming album. Aucoin also sat-in near the end of King Britt's set, before String Cheese Incident's Michael Travis showed off his bass, guitar and programming skills alongside Jason Hann in EOTO. Other festival highlights included Future Rock's set of Daft Punk covers (including onstage dancing robots), upcoming New Groove of the Month Grimace Federation's nod to Arcade Fire's "Neighborhood #3" and the New Deal/Brothers Past collaboration The Join (during which Jon Gutwillig took the stage to throw glowsticks into the audience). Girl Talk also won over many new fans with his quick mash-ups and Digital Frontier did the same with early risers during their "beats before breakfast" noon spot. - &

Last night Mt. Kisco, NY's Digital Frontier made their Philadelphia debut at The Fire on a bill with local rising stars Codename. As a nod to the City of Brotherly Love, Brothers Past bassist Clay Parnell replaced DigiFront's Luke Stocker for an extended jam segment out of the band's original "Carriage," "Digitown" and a cover of "Funkytown." Digital Frontier will perform next aboard the Rocks Off Boat Cruise on September 7 with Psylab, while Parnell will play with BioDiesel at Chicago's Kenetic Playground tomorrow. -

I’m listening right now to some live recordings of a New York electronica group called DigitalFrontier.

It’s all coming back to me now; the hindi hip hop playing on the speakers of the midnight cab to the Mercury Lounge, the tripped-out dreadlocked crowd, and the stage lights that regularly targeted burning bright beams directly onto our retinas. Like wow, man.

I think of the Mercury Lounge as a strictly analog club, the kind of venue that hosts six different bands on any given night and where success is measured in inches of beer on the floor.

I saw a woman there wearing open-toed heels, and patted myself on the back for having the presence of mind to wear motorcycle boots instead. But I digress.

DigitalFrontier is a unique symbiosis of musical talent.

Their sound last night was improvisational and psy-trance-ish and deliciously danceable.

On the electronic flute, Jesse Stocker wove melodic strands over, under and through the ambient plane of Matt Smilkstein’s keys.

The solid groove put down by drummer Sol Montoya and bassist Zach Catarelli held everything together.

This is a young band as yet without a label, and one that I hope will produce a studio recording in the near future.

Either that, or I better start planning which boots I’ll wear to their next festival gig.


Live Digital Frontier Soundboards

Professional DVD's by Zoni (available @merch booth or by request)
1.Buffalo Creek Music Festival 07
2.Camp Bisco Music Festival 07
3.Alley Katz, Richmond, Va

Full album on the way!



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"Digital Frontier is a unique symbiosis of musical talent.
Their sound is improvisational, psy-trance-ish and deliciously danceable."
Venturing into the realm of sonic sound and wave manipulation, the quartet delivers a non-stop energetic performance of tranced out madness that both shocks the senses and keeps bodies in motion until the final note is struck!

First performing in Vermont in April 2006, Digital Frontier has expanded its sound, producing tight compositions and digitally dance fueled beats.

Built around a rhythm section that has been playing/performing together for over a decade, the drum and bass combo of Sol Montoya and Zach Catarelli truly fuels the fire behind DigiFront's high energy reputation.

Adding to the "Organic Vibrations" Jesse Stocker weaves digitized flute over, under and through the ambient planes of Matt Smilkstein’s keys, synth-FX, and sci-fi vocal samples.

There's something special that sets a Digifront performance apart from the pack. Whether it be the lights that regularly target burning bright beams directly onto your retinas, the live art, flower, and stuffed animal arrangements being done on stage, or the ever-growing fan-base that seamlessly whisks first timers into a fun-filled dance party that routinely stretches until the early morning hours.

The fact of the matter is that there is a unique love-affair existing between Digital Frontier and its fan-base. The relationship continuously keeps DigiFront pushing the limits of a live concert experience while keeping venues stretching up and down the East Coast consistently packed.

Through a rigorous touring schedule taking them as far
north as Vermont and as far south as North Carolina ,
Digifront, as their fans dub them, has garnered a
loyal and enthusiastic following. Performing to sold
out and packed clubs such as Club Metronome
(Burlington, VT), The Mercury Lounge (NYC),The Knitting Factory (NYC), The Pussycat Lounge (NYC) , The Bowery Poetry Club (NYC) ,Club Midway(NYC) , Club Rebel (NYC), Rocks Off Boat Cruise (NYC) Cabaloosa's (New Paltz, NY) , The Red Square (Albany, NY) ,Castaways (Ithaca, NY) , Appalachian Brewing Company (Harrisburg, PA),The Fire(Philadelphia, PA) The Outback Lounge (Charlottesville, Va) ,Alley Katz (Richmond, VA) and countless Fraternity & Basement parties scattered across the northeast.
Digifront truly has created a buzz unlike any upcoming electronica act!

For a complete list of venues played and draws please email

A few key bands we have played with:
Pnuma Trio
Grimace Federation
Quagmire Swim Team
The Indobox
The Breakfast
Green Lemon
The Bridge
The Codename
Mercury Landing
Existor , as well as countless DJ's and Drum & Bass

Also noteworthy:
Performed to about 1500 people at this years Camp
Played the late night at the Buffalo Creek Music (Washington and Lee )
Festival In VA in 2007
Played self produced Digital Lawn Party (1 day Festival) to about 200 people right outside Charlottesville, Va.