Digital Noise Control

Digital Noise Control


Electronica - Techno - Dance - Pop - Digital Noise Control is a mixture of all of the above, with a producer, a dancer, and an Aussie Surfer thrown into the mix. On stage there are usually 2 people. We like to conserve energy, the Red Cross and United Nations are some causes we support.


In 1990, I was a high school student with access to an Electronic Music Workshop. My instructor always hated that I left performance out of pre-recorded music. Strangely enough later that pre-recorded music would become the most popular dance item on the planet. I can't claim personal responsibility for it. It was just the time and the setting, and the instrumentation becoming available. I spent a lot of time lost in the rave scene in 1992 - 1993 in Toronto and Detroit and in rare clubs at home in Buffalo. Lived in Chicago for a while - in 1995 I spent a month in Boston. I was in and out of college until I graduated with a Computer Sci. Degree in 1998. For around 10 years I tried to fit the corporate mold, but it doesn't seem to happen for me - too many liars cheats and fools in the industries I was in, so I'm moving on to bigger and better things. Let the suits be the suits right?


3 Days on the Mountain - Crystal Dynasty Mix

Written By: Chris Bradley

No Lyrics


Zebra - 1996
Sky Wheel - 2008
Vanilla Cone EP - 2008
Phoicos - 2008
Apex - The Conquest of Asia EP - 2008
3 Days on the Mountain EP - 2008

Set List

All Originals:
8 - 10 songs - 30 minute set
3 Minutes of Pure Bass
Tom's Kick
Cherito's Cool
Tek 90
Toy Box
Black Net
3 Days on the Mountain