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Perth, Australia | Established. Jan 01, 2015

Perth, Australia
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Rock EDM


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Band To Check Out: Digital Order - 'Sons of the Odyssey (Single)"

Australian electronic rock outfit Digital Order release perilous new track, Sons of the Odyssey'.
'Sons of the Odyssey' runs on high voltage enthusiasm. With driving synths, loud drums and violent guitars, Digital Order fuse modern dance music and classic hard rock in an electrifying way not unlike 30 Seconds To Mars or The Prodigy.

Intense and energetic, 'Sons of the Odyssey' keeps its listener thoroughly engaged from the moment the noise kicks in with its immersive electronic rock arrangements. If you are new to the band, there's also a really interesting surprise from passionate lead vocalist, Shane Ariti who starts off in a gruff rock tone before dabbling with completely fascinating, classic rock, theatrical, scream-singing which put a smile on my face every time I listen.

‘Sons of the Odyssey’ is the second instalment and title track taken from the band's upcoming album which sees lyrics inspired by Homer’s ‘The Odyssey'.

Words of Karla Harris - When The Horn Blows

"DISCOVER: Electronic/Hard Rock Band Digital Order"

Digital Order is an electronic/hard rock band from Perth, Australia consisting of Shane Ariti (vocals), Will Cruz (keys), Henry Gunson (drums), and Andy Beerli (guitar).

Back in 2014, this band’s EP crowdfunded over $2000, launching the band on a nation wide tour. The band then had the privilege to play at Expresstival (a festival that engages people through music and art) in 2015 in front on 8,000 people to raise money for the homeless and people suffering with mental illness.

To help continue their success so far in 2015, the band then released new singles titled “Juggernaut” and “Foreign Gold.” It was a bold move, but worth it because the band received popular circulation on US college and indie radio, debuting at #1 on US digital radio rock charts and #36 overall on Australia’s Triple J’s Unearthed radio.

After their successful single releases, the band took a break to improve their musical ability. Now after that break, Digital Order is back at it again with their latest album in the making, Sons of the Odyssey, showing off their unique blend of modern dance music and classic hard rock.

If you like bands such as Justice, Led Zeppelin, and Black Sabbath, you may be interested in Digital Order! - Celebmix

"Digital Order - Foreign Gold"

Perth electronic rock four piece Digital Order continue to unleash the singles, following up a June release with new tune Foreign Gold.

The new song from the WA act follows two national run of dates, airplay and international recognition in 2014, and blends rock and electronica effortlessly.

Having launched previous single Juggernaut in Perth last month, the band will no doubt be announcing more shows in support of their new track soon, so keep an eye on theGuide or The Music App to stay in the loop. -


Digital Order kick off their 2017 with yet another success: this time in the form of their brand new single “Our Hearts Will Collide”. The track has all the high-energy fun of previous releases (check out “On Our Way” here), but this time swaps out classic rock vibes for electronic dance sounds. The track swells and falls, dynamic to the end. A potent guitar line emerges as a secret weapon late in the song, keeping the rock roots present.

The Australian band already have a reputation for great lives shows, and that will only grow with the addition of “Our Hearts Will Collide”, which demands vitality with as much fervour as it gives. If you’re looking for your next party jam, look no further. - New Sick Music

"Australian alternative rock/electronic band Digtial Order blazes through its uplifting new alt-rock/electronic single."

Australian rock/electronic band Digital Order has been blazing a path in the electronic rock world in both Australia and the US with its energized amalgamation of modern dance music and classic hard rock.

The band formed in 2013 and since the beginning, Shane Ariti (vocals), newer member Andy Beerli (guitar), Will Cruz (keyboards, guitar), and Henry Gunson (drums) have been on an upward trajectory, launching an EP in 2014 and two sizzling singles in 2015.

2016 looks to be even bigger than before, with the imminent release of album Sons of the Odyssey, preceded by the lead single, the aptly-titled “On Our Way”. The track starts off innocently enough with the strum of acoustic guitar and light keyboard notes and then in plunges deeply into a sonic crevasse of diving guitar distortion, shaking drum pace, and cymbal crash. The band takes a breath, going back to a calmer alt-folk passage with Ariti singing in a delicate and lighter tone.

Digital Order quickly kicks it up several notches as thick and grinding guitar burn, bashed cymbals scintillation, and a loping drum beat are accentuated by Ariti’s urgent vocals as he exclaims, “I don’t wanna lose this fight / Everything I see is black and white.” As his voice echoes off the sonic canyon’s walls, he’s accompanied by a searing, sky-bound guitar line. - Rebel Noise


Digital Order have had a huge past few years. A crowdfunded EP, two national tours across their native Australia, a show at Expresstival to raise money for the homeless and those living with mental illness, and a new guitar player on top of it all. The band is in the perfect situation for self-discovery, and so far they’re doing fantastic.

The new single, aptly titled “On Our Way”, is infused with Led Zeppelin vibes, a good entry point for a band pioneering a classic rock/electronic cross. The song catapults between delicate melodies and hard rock moments, creating the sense that it would be a memorable experience live, particularly because of Digital Order’s growing reputation for high energy live shows. The track is a well-crafted intro to the next phase for Digital Order, and they leave us excited for what will come next. - New Sick Music

"Digital Order “On Our Way” Review"

Digital Order takes elements of modern dance and classic hard rock to form a sound all their own. Formed in 2013, Digital Order hails from Australia. This four member group consists of: Shane Ariti (vocals), Will Cruz (keys), Andy Beerli (guitar), and Henry Gunson (drums).

The group has come up with an spectacular single, “On Our Way.” Full of energy, nostalgia, and a unique sense of sound, Digital Order brings together a song that the listener cannot help but like.

The band have been working on their upcoming full album release Sons of Odyssey. For their first EP in 2014, they crowd funded over $2,000 and went onto a nationwide tour. They released two singles early 2016 (Juggernaut and Foreign Gold) to popular circulation on U.S. college and indie radio. The group debuted at #1 on U.S. digital radio in the rock charts and #36 overall on Australia’s Triple J’s Unearthed radio.

Founding member Will Cruz sought to learn more about writing music theory. He worked with UK producer Kevin Kerrigan (Bjork, Dido, Natalie Imbruglia) to help define Digital Order’s sound. Here is to looking forward what their debut album will have after listening to this impressive single. - Infrared Mag

"Digital Order Send Us On Our Way With New Single"

Digital Order have been here before so be sure to check out our previous interview with these awesomesauce Aussie electro rockers.

Back when we interviewed the crew, they were promoting their Sons of Odyssey release. Today I’m sharing their newest single On Our Way.

After raising enough money to launch a national tour through Kickstarter, Digital Order are letting the momentum flow freely.

On Our Way is an energetic, anthemic rock journey through some serious riffage, wailing lead guitar runs, and some sweet reverb that give the vocals this bigger-than-life, arena vibe adding more punch to this sweet jam.

The soft acoustic breaks and electro-accentuations further add flavor, spice, and everything ohhh-so-nice as the gang rocks our socks off before we can finish dessert. - Middle Tennessee Music


Digital Order’s emotive alt-rock has us all worked up here at Soundsphere HQ, check it out. Stunning work! - Sound Sphere Mag

"Digital Order Release Heavy New Single “On Our Way”"

Driving synths, loud drums and violent guitars combine to create the angst-fueled style of Digital Order . The DIY-inspired quartet from Perth, Australia boast a unique blend of modern dance music and classic hard rock. By pulling from various influences, Digital Order aim to emulate the best attributes of their musical heroes. The band’s latest single, “On Our Way,” is a key example of Digital Order’s determination to make an impression on the electronic music scene. The Australian outfit’s sound aims to establish a mix between electronic artists Justice, The Bloody Beetroots and classic hard rock such as Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath. With such imposing and diverse inspirations it is no wonder that Digital Order come across brash and full frontal, although they attempt to blend nuanced instrumentation with an in-your-face persona.

Digital Order’s newest single “On Out Way” is an ideal encapsulation of this band’s indomitable spirit and adrenaline fed production style. Connect with the band on their Facebook page and visit their website DIGITALORDERMUSIC.COM. - Sensible Reason


The Soundcloud comments on Australian group Digital Order’s new single, “On Our Way” make the obvious comparisons to Led Zepplin and Black Sabbath, but this band’s sound is a bit more subtle and sensitive. The Perth group who crowdsourced their tracks and gained a lot of attention in 2014 are showing a higher level of artistry with this new track.

“On Our Way” combines heavy guitars with vocal sensitivity and modern electronic production to create something that sounds like a cross pollination of Led Zepplin, Bon Iver and Muse. Andy Beerly’s guitars wind back and forth between folksy acoustic and big ballad rock while Shane Ariti’s vocal tone is heart-rending and uplifting at the same time. Keyboardist Will Cruz clinches the sound for this single by supplying echo effects and a subtle background synth that pulls the whole track together.

By the looks of it, Digital Order are well on their way to establishing a unique sound for themselves while exploring many styles and genres along the way. “On Our Way” is available to stream and purchase on Bandcamp along with many of Digital Order’s other tracks.

Written by Layla Marino - Ellenwood EP


This band from Perth, Australia say that they are similar to Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin, but they remind me more of Jane’s Addiction with the vocals and the overall sound. There is a touch of late ’60s, early ’70s hard rock mixed in, but mostly it could have been part of the alternative rock sound of the early ’90s…not a bad thing at all.

This song has heavy guitars, electronics, soulful vocals and soft touches that mesh together to create a sound that makes them seem familiar, but still fresh at the same time. The band comprises of Shane Ariti (Vocals), Will Cruz (Keys/ Guitar), Henry Gunson (Drums) and Andy Beerli (Guitar), and they have put out a song that while being super short, under three minutes, they fill it with a lot of textures and sounds that will keep you enthralled. The sound goes between soft and acoustic to becoming a bombastic anthem that will thrill you.

If this is what they are capable of doing, and with such a short song, all I can say is……WOW! This is a band that will grab you attention, hold it and make you want to hear more from them. - Altered Frequencies


2013 - Volume 1 (EP) 
2014 - La Finale (Single)
2015 - Foreign Gold (Single)
2015 - Juggernaut (Single)
2016 - Shadows of Time (Single)
2016 - Sons of the Odyssey (Single)
2016 - In My Dreams (Single)
2016 - On Our Way (Single)
2017 - Our Hearts Will Collide (Single)
2017 - Sons of the Odyssey (Album)



Driving synths, loud drums and violent guitars. DIGITAL ORDER is a unique
blend of modern dance music and classic hard rock. Their sound can be
described as a mix between electronic artists Justice, The Bloody Beetroots
and classic hard rock such as Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath.

Founded in 2013, Australian band DIGITAL ORDER have worked hard to
galvanize their unique “electronic rock” sound. With members Shane Ariti
(Vocals), Will Cruz (Keys/ Guitar), Henry Gunson (Drums) and Andy Beerli
(Guitar), DIGITAL ORDER are known for their spectacular high-energy live
shows and have consistently charted on local Australian and US digital radio.

DIGITAL ORDER’s 2014 EP launch was followed with 2 Australian tours
(which had crowd funded over $2000), showcasing their material with an
overwhelmingly positive reaction. With packed out shows in Melbourne
(Revolver) and Sydney (FBi Social) the band left their mark and returned to
Perth on a high.

2015 was a monumental year for the band. With new guitarist Andy Beerli
entering the fold, the band decided to take time to perfect their craft and
write new material. Releasing 2 singles early in the year (Juggernaut and
Foreign Gold) the band received popular circulation on US college and indie
radio, debuting at #1 on US digital radio the rock charts and #36 overall on
Australia’s Triple J’s Unearthed radio - a huge milestone for the band. After
their successful single releases, the band took a break to improve their
brand and music.

2016 saw the band galvanize their sound, as the band worked towards
writing and producing their debut album ‘Sons of the Odyssey’. Releasing 5
singles during the year, DIGITAL ORDER were rewarded with interviews and
features from various high profile blogs and radio stations such as Sound
Sphere Mag, Ellenwood EP, and FBi Radio (Sydney, Australia).

Founding member Will Cruz spent time with UK producer Kevin Kerrigan
(Bjork, Dido, Natalie Imbruglia) learning about music writing theory, as well
as attending London’s Point Blank Studios to finely tune his mixing and
mastering skills. Drummer Henry Gunson secured the band an exclusive
clothing partnership with Australian clothing label ALPHA LEGION. Guitarist
Andy Beerli was instrumental in breathing life into the bands new material,
helping pave the way for 2017’s ‘Sons of the Odyssey’. Founding member
and lead vocalist Shane Ariti worked on defining the bands image and
brand, as well as busily working in the studio to ensure 2017 was a year of

DIGITAL ORDER has worked hard on all fronts and are about to release yet
another instalment from their highly anticipated album ‘Sons of the
Odyssey‘. With an arsenal of new material and their exponential growth as a
band it is clear this is just the beginning...

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