A solid mix of thick, pulsing electronics and live beats, pulled together by vocalist Maggie Morrison and her wurlitzer. Adventerous songwriting that covers all kinds of dynamics, quick and slow. No guitars at all.


Digitata was formed in early 2004 in Minneapolis with Maggie Morrison on Wurlitzer and vocals, Ryan Olson on sequencer and vocal effects, and Drew Christopherson on drums. Digitata began solidified their sound and performing live immediately, gaining them notable attention around the Midwest music scene. Many took note, including local hip-hoppers Atmosphere, who invited them on the Pacific Northwest leg of their spring tour, in April of 2005.

In late spring of '05 they released their debut album, Sexually Transmitted Emotions on Totally Gross National Product (Minneapolis). The album was well received, resulting in CMJ’s #10 most added to playlists for the week of June 14th, 2005. Many were drawn to the pulsing electronics and dance-tastic rhythms that weave in and out of Morrison's sultry, captivating vocals. Having struggled to settle on a specific genre to place it, Digitata let the listeners decide, which landed somewhere in between 80's dance-pop and indie-electronica.

The follow-up to their debut is finished, and is slated to be released spring '06. Digitata accomplished an even more focussed and textured selection of songs by working with at the Hideaway Studio with local engineer/producer Joe Mabbot (Atmosphere, Plastic Constellations, P.O.S., etc.). The album is a huge step forward for Digitata.

Digitata continues to perform throughout the Midwest regularly, headlining local shows and supporting various touring acts.


new full-length album is coming Fall '06.

"Sexually Transmitted Emotions" CD 2005
-various cuts available from our website
-debuted at #10 most added to playlists throughout
the USA (cmj)

"Stuck on AM 5" compilation CD 2006
-comp of in-studio performances on the acclaimed
college radio station KUOM 770, Radio K.

"Art Hear" compilation CD 2005
-comp released by the Minnesota Museum of
American Art

Set List

we dont usually do covers, and play for roughly 45 minutes to an hour.