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The best kept secret in music


"Disc Revolt review"

Coming together out of McAllen Texas in 2002, Dignan has accomplished much in their short career. They have toured the U.S. on two different occasions and have toured, and played with some well known acts such as Bradley Hathaway, Umbrellas (The Militia Group), The New Frontiers (The Militia Group), Unwed Sailor (Burnt Toast Vinyl), Pompeii (Eyeball Records), etc. . They have recently released a new E.P. entitled "The Guest" which they plan on promoting on future ventures across the U.S. Taking inspiration from The Arcade Fire and mewithoutYou, they hope to one day achieve similar success by continuing to write new music and tour the nation. -- http://www.discrevolt.com/groups/view/1391 - Disc Revolt

"Punknews.org The Guest CD review"

McAllen, Texas's Dignan seem like they look way up north for inspiration from brash, acclaimed Canadian indie superstars like the Arcade Fire and Broken Social Scene, but careful listens of The Guest EP will reveal different types of depths and influences that make for a compelling, impressive listen.

Dignan are never quite as gut-wrenching as 'em, but the wailing guitars making up their atmospheric instrumental work as well as their xylophone usage recalls the Pale Pacific. On top of that, when Andy Pena sings in a lower, somewhat gravelly tone (which is more often than not) it's rather akin to Jeremy Enigk in the context of his solo work. Both similarities sound striking and complementary against the band's otherwise incredibly original compositions, which tend to drift along very slowly, subtly building only to teasingly ending in an abrupt fashion. However, even when the band is plodding along for a long time -- like the eight-minute "Officer" -- you won't notice until it's nearly over; Heidi Plueger's airy voice plays well along Pena's and both push the song along somberly yet beautifully.

Some of the best moments come when all the members join for a group vocal, a gang shouting softly to provide a surprising dynamic to it all. In closer "Listen" they do it singing "so far away / but it's okay / because he's home [?]," which is wonderful and pulls in the listener as Plueger softly croons over it all.

Dignan provide a pleasant and curiously engaging listen with The Guest. It's a bit of a challenge to describe and equally difficult to take in, but once it's properly digested the value from such is worth the efforts. -- http://punknews.org/review/6242 - Punknews.org

"July 2007 Paste Sampler winner"

We're please to announce McAllen, TX's Dignan as the winner of our recent Paste Sampler contest. You can hear their airy indie rock track, "They're Outnumbered" on the CD sampler that accompanies the July issue of Paste. - Paste magazine

"Stop & Go CD review"

As we head off the fifth song - we start to get the idea here, that most of these bands are catering to the mainstream/alternative crowd. This song has one of those happy fun catchy riffs, that is predominant throughout the song. Good musicianship. -- http://www.lunaticpro.com/review.html - Lunatic Productions

"Columbia City Paper The Guest CD review"

February 14, 2007

With The Guest, Dignan has crafted the most delightful indie rock record since Colour Revolt's self-titled EP. The Guest is seductive and addicting. Dim the lights, light a cigar, and snag your favorite blend. Sony must have had this record in mind when they created the 'repeat all' button on the Discman.

This Texan six piece uses space better that Buck Rogers. Charming vocals layered with sprinkles of horns, keys, and the xylophone take you on a journey through an ornate sonic landscape. This six piece from the border town of McAllen, TX churns out compositions (not just songs) somehow incorporating a less is more attitude. Each instrument enters and exits with flawless timing as the vocals dance and intertwine with the orchestrations.

Your head nods, your foot twitches, and as each track progresses your attention focuses more and more on every part of each song. You want to dissect each note and you wonder how they do it. What's their writing process? You sing along even when you don't know any words and you dare others around you to listen and not fall in love with this record.

Just when you think you've got Dignan figured out they throw you for another unexpected loop tossing in female and gang vocals. Eating pizza and sharing pitchers of beer with Ben Gibbard, THe Arcade Fire, The Weakerthans, and Ben Bridwell The Guest should easily launch Dignan into indie rock stardom. A year from now you may not be able to escape from the attention afforded to this band. -- http://columbiacitypaper.com/pdf/ccp02_14_07web.pdf - Sean Rayford


"The Guest" - 2007 Bearded Beauty Records
"The Last You Hear" -
"Stop & Go" -


Feeling a bit camera shy


Coming together in 2002, Dignan has grown much since starting off with three friends who shared a love for music. They have had three national tours and over one hundred out-of-state shows. Dignan has toured and shared stages with such well-knowns such as Bradley Hathaway, The Ataris (Isola Recordings/Sanctuary Recording Group), Umbrellas (The Militia Group), The New Frontiers (The Militia Group), Unwed Sailor (Burnt Toast Vinyl), and Pompeii (Eyeball Records) to name a few. They're influences include The Arcade Fire, Death Cab for Cutie, The Postal Service, The Velvet Teen, Mewithoutyou, The Flaming Lips, and Ethan Durelle.