Digs is a Swiss rock band formed by 4 stylish young guys who play togeter since 2006. They sound like music that would "make you take your colthes off and dance for three hours".


Formed in 2006 by three friends, Digs hasn't stopped evolving since the first rehearsal, to their recording sessions in december 2006. Their first album was realeast during the month of february. Greatly influenced by retro rock'n'roll acts such as the Velvet Underground, the Rolling Stones and the Who, Digs songs evolve on the heritage of these bands, sincerity being their key word.

Influences: The Velvet Underground, The Who, The Libertines, The BJM, The Libertines, David Bowie, MC5, Iggy Pop, The Rolling Stones, Oasis and many many more...


Ep, 6 songs: Digs

Set List

The lake is dragging me out of my scene
Autumntime Blues
Dig it
Your thoughts care
Dirty lover
O brother
Two guys