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we are a breakfast radio show in australia who built the song with the help of our listeners - everything in the song is the result of a community putting in lines about what they love most..

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love bug

Written By: daniel schmutter, nicole cooper, james johnston


Verse: I think I’ve found what I’ve been looking for – you are a breath of fresh air – the one that I have held my love for , just to say true love doesn’t end out there.

First time I say you my heart skipped a beat cause your loving’s o sweet –
When I hold you I know cause my heart smiles whenever you are near me so
But I keep loosing you by…

Chorus: saying something silly like, is your dad an astronaught , cause your butts from out of this world…. You’ll get a lot more compliments for working out than sleeping in, girl , this pro wrestling game don’t mean a thing without you, no I don’t ya oh I want ya cause I keep saying something silly like – I keep saying something silly like..

Verse: I wont take a jacket on a date so I can put my arms around ya, hold you for hours just you and me together oh. May our love for each other be traditional enough to last a the to, but strong enough o last for ever.
I wanna love so flammable it should come with a caution, Wanna feel you next to me to the point I cant control it – I wanna feel your heart beat – but I keep loosing you by saying something silly like


Verse: this love shouldn’t be complicated……. girls like you are.. so I get caught saying something like

Chorus (accapela)

Oh this love bug has me bitten like (ohhhh) I keep saying something silly like…