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This band has not uploaded any videos




When a woman is talented, daring and passionate....On a new single from twenty-six year old Diia real life is in focus. Danish Music Company is launcing this opinionated strong woman. Her real name is Didde Juul and she is talented, daring and passionate. Diias songs are inspired by observations on life and people. The songs are presented in a way that leaves no doubt of her feelings regardless the subject. As one of the talents of the Danish Music Comapany Diia has just released the single "Jeg Ser Dig" (I see You)a song about confused love. "It is a song about times when love suddenly ceases to be. About discovering that things changes, whether you want it or not and about understanding why you are suddenly moving in different directions, when the road to twosomeness has become a phantom of yesterday. It is also a song about moving on, about forgetting and breaking away from the memories of what once were", Diia explains. Diias voice is sexy andsoft -the lyrics are somewhat abstract, but honest. With her music Diia combines the best of classic pop music with a modern sound and a twist. Eventhough she was brought up in a non-musical home, she has always loved to listen to music and to sing. Travelling made Diia realise, that she wanted to put all her energy into music. Four years ago, she made an adventorous trip to Canada. After a long and stressful period she chose to pull out the plug and went to Canada on her own. "When you suddenly got the time to think, to be bored even, that is when creativity flows and when I got home I had written my first song and after six months I had recorded three songs and i started playing at the various clubs of Copenhagen", Diia tells.At www.danishmusiccompany.dk you an short version of Diia's single is available. For further information contact: Iben Mathilde Fortsholm, Press Contact, Møllemarken 14, 3120 Dronningmølle. Phone: 61 65 30 65. E-mail: ibenmathilde@gmail.com - Danish Music Company


Ive just released my first singe " ser dig nu" ( Seeing you) whit www.danishmusiccompany.dk



The music still is where organic meets electronic, a mix of honesty. It has its roots in traditional singer song writing whit inspiration in Tracy Chapman and Tori Amous, but still and always searching for my true expression, I have been playing in underground scenes in Copenhagen and I make music as I can’t stop doing it.