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I am a gospel rap artist. I try to keep my music new and exciting while staying relavent with the secular rap.


I am a christian hip hop artist with the soul purpose of sharing the gospel with my music. I feel that rap is one of the most influential art-forms today. I feel that it is necessary to reach out to this hip hop community by showing them that "gospel rap" can be just as tight as the other stuff. information:

Dan Dybing
10351 Zinran Cir.
Bloomington, MN

Home Phone #: 952-942-7435
Cell Phone #: 612-251-9881

Email: Dan_Dybing@yahoo.com

Birthdate: 2-27-89

School Attending: St. Croix Lutheran High

Church Attending: Evergreen Community Church

Pastor: Spencer Bernard


Holy Fire

Written By: DiJohn

Now didnt i tell you before? we came to settle the score/ wit these demons now we better than before/ ready to come out'n show em what we made of/ have these demons breathin hard, like they're last name was vader/ Ya i said it and I'll say it again/ this for the cop killas, drug dealas locked in the pen/ to let em know, that we all in a sticky situation/ believe and go to heaven, dont you see the relation/ pop! pop! send another demon home/ cause im a straight demon killa like T'Boney Bone/ God's got my back, and I'll say it proudly/ and thats just something that you gotta know about me/ so get ready, we gon' get this party bumpin/ hardcore beats that'll get the crowd jumpin/ so step aside, if you aint tryin to hear this/ we all gettin high off the holy spirit, lets go!!

You wanna get this party crunk? spin this track for me/
Mix it wit a little funk- D is back homie/
we gon' keep bringin it- Till the day we die/
we on top of the game spitten holly fire/

Verse 2:

Thats how it always is and thats how its gon' be/ Straight makin hits, praisin G-O-D/ wit this gangsta sound, mixed with a little funk/ and thats all we need to get this party crunk/ We gon get this party poppin, we dont need no liquor/ all that ever does is get the party endin quicker/ we gon take straight shots of the holy spirit/ all the people love it and all he demons fear it/ coast to coast is where we blaze these hits/ spitten phat rhymes for the killas and the convicts/ so get a grip if you tryin to test me/ Tryin to act hard? that just doesnt impress me/
cause ive heard enough of that mumbo jumbo/ got somethin to say dogg? you startin to mumble/ as long as the beat drops than im gonna keep flowin the party wont stop till 7 in the mornin/


Verse 3:

Cause we be rippen and dippen, flippen the script on these chickens/ they prolly thinkin im playin, but boy whatchu be sippen/ C'mon, whatchu think this is a game?/ whatchu think I'm sayin this for fun? man you prolly think im insane/ we got it locked down for the midwest/ gonna keep spitten game till the heart in my chest stops/ we on top and we'll keep on bringin it/
hooks when ya dippen in ya ride you'll be singin it/ I spit the raps that'll be heavy on ya brain/ Rhymes complex, theyll be makin you go insane/ with this articulate game, you dont know what to do/ its like a bullet to the vest cause its just not getting through to you/ gosple raps on top, how you gonna manage?/ cause we keep it fresh like a subway sandwhich/ if you got it, good. if not, aight then/ just stop the track, and spin it again/ c'mon

Hook 2x