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The best kept secret in music


"Hailing from Charlotte"

Hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina, Diktator is here to help put the Old North State back on the map. Even though he is only 18 years old, Diktator is a seasoned veteran who has been rhyming professionally since he was 14, when he was part of the Nu World. While things did not turn out as expected with Nu World, Diktator has broken loose of his old chains and built his career back up. Now with his debut album Shut It Down, Diktator is looking to follow in the footsteps of Petey Pablo and Little Brother. North Carolina stand up, because Diktator is here! 2004: 7L (7L & Esoteric) Asheru (Unspoken Heard) AZ Baby Blak Beat Assailant (1) Beat Assailant (2) Da Beatminerz Binkis Recs Bizzy Bone Black Moon Blackalicious Bobby Frazitta (1) Bobby Frazitta (2) BP Brand Nubian Buck 65 Bumblebeez 81 Cassidy Chali 2na Christopher Lawrence Ciara Consequence Cormega CunninLynguists De La Soul Diktator Dilated Peoples Drag-On East Side Boyz Edo G (1) Edo G (2) Elzhi Evidence Foreign Legion Gift of Gab Glass Joe Goapele Goodie Mob Grafh Guerilla Black I-20 Infamous Mobb Infinito Insight Jahah Jem (1) Jem (2) Jeru The Damaja Jim Jones Jin J.U.I.C.E. J-Zone Kool G Rap Kool Keith DJ Krush (1) DJ Krush (2) Kutmasta Kurt Kyprios Lil' Flip Lyfe Lyrics Born (1) Lyrics Born (2) Maylay Sparks Mobb Deep Northstar The O'Jays Oktober Outerspace Potluck R.A. Rugged Man Royce 5'9 (1) Royce 5'9 (2) Saul Williams Science Fiction Scram Jones Single Minded Pros Sketch Slim Thug Slum Village Sol Uprising Soulstice Sound Providers Steel Chump Talib Kweli Teargas and Plateglass T.I. Toshi Triple Seis Van Hunt Vast Aire Verbal Kent VG Skillz Wordsworth Wordsworth (2) Wyclef Jean Yukmouth 2003 listings 2002 listings 2001 listings 2000 listings 1999 listings 1998 listings

Where were you born and raised?
I was born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina. In the Betty Ford neighborhood, which is one of the messed up ones, but hopefully I can change that in the future. I am hoping this can be one of the first spots I can help bring up if everything goes smoothly. Because there are a lot of things that need to be fixed up around here.
And if you are able to give back to the community, what are some of the things you would want to fix?
I would build more recreational centers because there is a lot of youth running around doing the wrong things. And I'm blessed just to have a gift that kept me out of trouble.
What was it like growing up their over the years?
Well, I was a football and basketball star over here, so that kept me out of trouble.

What is your first memory of Hip Hop?
I used to listen to Ice Cube and West Coast Connection a lot when I was growing up. But now, I look up to Ludacris, who I think is the best rapper out right now. Because he can flip 80 different styles on the same beat, he is so versatile.

How did you first get into rhyming?
I started in the third grade when I was six years old. This dude passed a note to me when I was taking this EOC test, so I kind of laughed at it and I passed a little corny rhyme back to him. So we kept going back and forth, and it kept getting more serious, so I went home that day and wrote a whole song in my head. So the next day I went to school and just gave it to him, and that is how it started.

How did you start making a name for yourself in the streets over the years?
That happened when I was with this group called the Nu World, which I am no longer a part of. We were one of the hottest groups in Charlotte, but that kind of fell off. But my name started to grow when I was with them, but I eventually went solo.

Who consisted of the group Nu World?
We had me, Franchise, T.R. McCoy and Picasso.
Why did you guys fall out?
Well, I was the youngest guy in the group, as I was only 14 at the time. And they were like 21 and 23 years old, so I never really had a say in the group. Plus, everybody was real lazy and I was more motivated than all of them. So eventually I went off and did my own thing because I am not going to let anybody hold me back from pursuing my dream.

For those who haven't heard your music, how would you describe your style?
Its like a mix of East Coast and Southern Hip Hop. So I think I can hang with anybody, because I got this track with this dude from New Jersey, and it shows how a Southern cat can hang with a guy from the East. Because I know a lot of people up north think that the south can't rap, but that's not true!
And who is the cat you hooked up with from Jersey?
His name is Lyfe, he is from Sleepy Eye Entertainment.

Tell us about your debut album Shut It Down.
I titled it Shut It Down because there is 21 tracks on it, all of them I produced. I wrote, recorded and mastered everything myself, so I am looking to shut the game down. I believe this is the perfect name for the perfect project. So I am just trying to let everybody know I am in the game and its going to be a problem.

Damn, you produced e - MVRemix.com


What an event this turned out to be! Tonight, I managed to see the best performance of my life, courtesy of North Carolina’s Diktator! He hauled into Cleveland this weekend along with Bizzy Bone for a one-night performance at Peabody’s DownUnder, one of Cleveland’s faithful hip-hop spots! While Bizzy Bone is definitely a star in his own right, Diktator commanded the evening, giving a riveting show that had onlookers cheering for more! I spent most of the evening with Diktator and

his team, during which time I had a moment to get in a few words for an interview! This is only the beginning, as we will be following him over the next few months as he completes his debut album! Read on to see what the hip-hop head had to say!

Urban Connectionz Online: I know the first thing people are going to want to know is where you come from man?

Diktator: I come from Charlotte North Carolina…..

Urban Connectionz Online: So how did you get started up?

Diktator: Well, I had just put out an undergroud cd called “SHUT IT DOWN”, and you can get it online at www.ricashay.com........

Urban Connectionz Online: And is that your website?

Diktator: No, that’s just where it’s being sold out, and right now I’m just working on my major album! We got four labels that’s trying to get at me: “SONY, DEF JAM, WARNER BROTHERS, AND UNIVERSAL”! I’m going towards Sony or Warner Brothers right now!

Urban Connectionz Online: And you’ve done how many underground cds?

Diktator: I’ve just done one!

Urban Connectionz Online: So who are you actually signed with right now?

Diktator: Right now, I’m with IMG, and I also have my own label, “KOC Records”!

Urban Connectionz Online: Any you got with them how?

Diktator: It’s a long story man! We had went on a trip for a business deal with Chopper City Records, which is owned by B.G., and at the end of the day, they was saying that they liked what we had, but I just wasn’t Chopper City, so they put me down with IMG, and I been doing shows all over!

Urban Connectionz Online: So you’re already working on the album?

Diktator: Yea, I just started working on it, and right now I have one feature knocked out with Crazy from the 504 Boyz!

Urban Connectionz Online: Are you looking at doing more features, or are you keeping it primarily YOU on the album?

Diktator: Yea, the person I look up to in the game is Luda! I wanna get him on the album! I’m going to get him! I can carry the whole album, but I’m lookin at Crazy, B.G., Ludacris, amd David Banner.

Urban Connectionz Online: So what is the content like? What are you talking about on the album?

Diktator: You know, like girls, I love you, then I don’t love you no more, get out my life! Down south, we do a little bit of everything!

Urban Connectionz Online: Now I know you see a lot of artists come and go! What are you doing to separate yourself from everybody else, and increase your longevity!

Diktator: You know, all that gangsta stuff, people now overplay themselves, you know! If they out, they walk around with the mean mug! You supposed to be happy! I’m having fun, and that’s what makes me stand out! I’m good!

Urban Connectionz Online: So are you doing mixatapes, or anything of that nature to get yourself out there a little more? Like where else can people hear you?

Diktator: They can check out www.myspace.com/diktator for more information on me, plus I got two of my underground singles on there: “Country Boys” and “Quit Actin Up”!

Urban Connectionz Online: So when do you think your album is going to finally hit?

Diktator: Well it’s about halfway done now! I don’t want to have just “O.K.” songs on my album! I’m going to have 16 hit singles man! I’m trying to work with different producers and challenge myself!

Urban Connectionz Online: So you say that you came up in Charlotte, what was it like for you, trying to get into the game an all? You really don’t hear of a lot of people coming from that area……and I know you guys have Petey Pablo….

Diktator: You know why? Charlotte has to learn to stick together!

Urban Connectionz Online: That’s almost like Cleveland! There’s a lot of established artists from here, and of course we have those like Bone Thugs, and Gerald Levert, but truth is, you never see them here! They don’t really do anything to give back or show love to the city. I guess you can say Bone tried initially with Mo Thugs, but nowadays, they are scarce!

Diktator: I’m reppin north Carolina to the fullest!

Urban Connectionz Online: Any final comments at all? Anything you want to touch on that I haven’t?

Diktator: Shout out to my boy Crazy, for holdin it down, North Carolina!

- Urban Connectionz


1. shut it down intro
2. can you hang wit it
3. how you luv dat
4. ima do me
5.start a fight
6.i'll make you say
7. south anthem
8. cac & jersey
9. sumthin like a pimp
10. blank
11. quit actin up
12. rep yo block
13 country boys
14. lord im here
15. skit
16. dis fo enemies
17. we here
18. take dis thang outside
19. skit
20. kak walk
21 in my life


Feeling a bit camera shy


DIKTATOR was born Marcus Paysour on January 8, 1986 in Charlotte, North Carolina. He is the only child of a single parent household. DIKTATOR graduated from West Charlotte High School on June 10, 2004.

DIKTATOR’s love for music began at the early age of six (6), by emulating known top rap artist at the time---Snoop Dog, JayZ, Puff Daddy, Dr. Dre and others. He joined with other neighborhood kids participating in school talent shows, and even church programs. By the time DIKTATOR was twelve (12) years old, he was writing his own lyrics, and was teaching others to do the same. DIKTATOR has the uncanny ability to capture clear, simple, pungent, and heartfelt truisms about life--- friendship, love, and even death, in his writings.

In 2000, DIKTATOR and three friends formed the rap group, NuWorld. In April of 2002, NuWorld was the opening act for Lil’ Romeo and the No Limit Allstars Tour at the Old Charlotte Coliseum. NuWorld also performed for the Lil’ Romeo and the No Limit Allstars Tour in Columbia, South Carolina, the following weekend. DIKTATOR left NuWorld in December 2002 and began concentrating on his lyric writing, and becoming a solo artist. He records, engineers, produces and performs his own material. DIKTATOR is the latest phenomenon to emerge from the south. His style would be described as a mixture of dirty south and east coast.

He is no neophyte to the mic. In 2003, DIKTATOR’s popularity really began to intensify. In June 2003, he received several airplays at the former Hot 92.7---Charlotte’s FM Hip-Hop/RB radio station. He also performed regularly during the summer of 2003 at the H20 Club in Charlotte, at its Open Mic Nights. On August 20, 2003, DIKTATOR was the opening artist at the H20 Club for renowned rap artist TI. In April of 2004, DIKTATOR was featured on the World Wide Flava TV show along with other artists as Memphis Bleek and Anthony Hamilton. The TV Show was aired on UPN and a cable access channel in Charlotte, NC and in Atlanta, GA. On June 1st, 2004, DIKTATOR was featured on Charlotte’s WPEG Power 98 radio show called ‘The Next Big Thing”. Charlotte’s newest talk show called the S.E.L.F show will feature DIKTATOR airing on UPN in January 2005.

DIKTATOR’s greatest musical inspiration and idols have been DMX and Nas. His future goals have always been to perfect his art while pursuing a major recording deal. Through constant writing and recording, he has completed his first album “Shut it Down”.