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Taking 2005 by storm


DIKTATOR was born Marcus Paysour on January 8, 1986 in Charlotte, North Carolina. He is the only child of a single parent household. DIKTATOR graduated from West Charlotte High School on June 10, 2004.

DIKTATOR’s love for music began at the early age of six (6), by emulating known top rap artist at the time---Snoop Dog, JayZ, Puff Daddy, Dr. Dre and others. He joined with other neighborhood kids participating in school talent shows, and even church programs. By the time DIKTATOR was twelve (12) years old, he was writing his own lyrics, and was teaching others to do the same. DIKTATOR has the uncanny ability to capture clear, simple, pungent, and heartfelt truisms about life--- friendship, love, and even death, in his writings.

In 2000, DIKTATOR and three friends formed the rap group, NuWorld. In April of 2002, NuWorld was the opening act for Lil’ Romeo and the No Limit Allstars Tour at the Old Charlotte Coliseum. NuWorld also performed for the Lil’ Romeo and the No Limit Allstars Tour in Columbia, South Carolina, the following weekend. DIKTATOR left NuWorld in December 2002 and began concentrating on his lyric writing, and becoming a solo artist. He records, engineers, produces and performs his own material. DIKTATOR is the latest phenomenon to emerge from the south. His style would be described as a mixture of dirty south and east coast.

He is no neophyte to the mic. In 2003, DIKTATOR’s popularity really began to intensify. In June 2003, he received several airplays at the former Hot 92.7---Charlotte’s FM Hip-Hop/RB radio station. He also performed regularly during the summer of 2003 at the H20 Club in Charlotte, at its Open Mic Nights. On August 20, 2003, DIKTATOR was the opening artist at the H20 Club for renowned rap artist TI. In April of 2004, DIKTATOR was featured on the World Wide Flava TV show along with other artists as Memphis Bleek and Anthony Hamilton. The TV Show was aired on UPN and a cable access channel in Charlotte, NC and in Atlanta, GA. On June 1st, 2004, DIKTATOR was featured on Charlotte’s WPEG Power 98 radio show called ‘The Next Big Thing”. Charlotte’s newest talk show called the S.E.L.F show will feature DIKTATOR airing on UPN in January 2005.

DIKTATOR’s greatest musical inspiration and idols have been DMX and Nas. His future goals have always been to perfect his art while pursuing a major recording deal. Through constant writing and recording, he has completed his first album “Shut it Down”.


1. shut it down intro
2. can you hang wit it
3. how you luv dat
4. ima do me
5.start a fight
6.i'll make you say
7. south anthem
8. cac & jersey
9. sumthin like a pimp
10. blank
11. quit actin up
12. rep yo block
13 country boys
14. lord im here
15. skit
16. dis fo enemies
17. we here
18. take dis thang outside
19. skit
20. kak walk
21 in my life