Sotiris Tragas (vocals, tenor/soprano sax, clarinet, harmonica, flute, piano, composition, lyrics) and

Poppy Dalachani (vocals, classic/acoustic/electric/12-chord guitar)

are DILEMMA, an unusual duet originally formed in Athens, Greece, on August 16, 2002.

Their musical references is a mix of classical, jazz, experimental, neo – folk, gothic, dark wave and alternative/indie rock scene, that helps them transform a simple every-day story to a total experience.

Three years after their debut album “Pendulum”, they release their second album on Dead Scarlet records, “Rise up”, in April 2012.

Meaningful, dative, erotic and unusual, they present 14 musical compositions with references to life, death, love and loss, sorrow and joy in three languages: English, Greek and Spanish.

Images and sounds unfold emotions of the darkest views of the self to the brightest lyricism.


LP "PENDULUM" released 27 March 2009
LP "RISE UP" released 25 April 2012