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Fresh Impressions Vol.1 (2006)
Punk Rock, Punk Rock(remix), Stroke Ya Body,Bopular, Vitamin D, Bay Girl
Fresh Impressions Vol.2 (2007)
Pinnochio, Push Push, ABC's
Fresh Impressions Vol.3 (2008)
Alligator, Kush, Shotta, Catten, Fly N Sexy, Hide N Seek



There is a movement sweeping the nation spawned from the surge in minority home ownership and an increase in middle class minority house holds. Black youth with roots in the "hood" have been transplanted to middle class suburbs resulting in a new culture: Punk Rock. This isn't the usual Punk Rock defined by head banging, mosh pits and electric guitars. There is a new definition for Punk Rock and it is being written by the youth of America.

At the forefront of the Bay Area's Punk Rock movement is Diligentz, a group of four young, talented and gifted rappers, each with their own distinct personalities and style. Born and raised in various parts of the San Francisco Bay Area, group members Jay Ant, Star, Pranksta The Kidd and Damey, formed the group while in high school.

Each member of Diligentz started rapping at a young age: Damey started at age 10; Pranksta The Kidd first rapped at a talent show in the sixth grade; Star started rapping in the ninth grade; Jay Ant started rapping in elementary school, though he didn't start making beats until the ninth grade.

The members of Diligentz grew up listening to legendary Hip Hop artists, like Rakim, KRS-1, Heavy D and Run DMC. Renowned R & B artists, such as Al Green, Michael Jackson, The O'Jays and Marvin Gaye have also played a part in influencing the Diligentz sound. They also credit contemporary artists 2Pac, Lil Wayne, Pharrell, Andre 3000, Blink 182 and RATT as some of their other musical influences. With a keen interest and knowledge of music, Diligentz would like more than anything to make their own mark in the Hip Hop world with their signature Punk Rock style and original sound.

Growing up, Diligentz rebelled against conformity. They did their own thing and always seeked originality. Punk Rock represents Diligentz original state of mind and self-expression. "It's your own style of dress, the way you walk and talk, your swagger so to speak." This swagger is clearly evident in the Remix to their first single, "Punk Rock," featuring the Pack. The "Punk Rock Remix" produced by Jay Ant, was featured in "Spin Magazine's" website as a Top Download for February 2007. (www.spin.com)

Each Diligent brings something different to the group. Damey (who sings the hook on several of the groups songs) has an energetic and fun loving style. Jay Ant exudes confidence on the mic and is responsible for creating the Diligentz sound by producing most of their songs. Pranksta The Kidd is a beast lyrically and brings a smooth, laid back style to the table with a street edge. Star also delivers a smooth, yet provocative style on and off the mic and can switch up his voice on cue to accompany any beat.

Diligentz first release was the "Kingstyle: Love, Life & Beef Mixtape" in 2003. They followed that up with "Kingstyle Volume 2 in 2005" and "Kingstyle Volume 3: The Progress Report" in early 2006. In the later part of 2006, Diligentz released "The Fresh Impressions Mixtape" and the buzz in the streets grew rapidly. With the success of Diligentz first smash single, titled "Punk Rock" and later the "Punk Rock Remix" featuring The Pack and GoDav, local DJ's and radio stations such as KMEL and KYLD quickly put them in the mix. Their Myspace page continues to grow by the day and people of all ages continue to listen for Diligentz.

Being teenagers in the music industry can be extremely stressful, as all of the members attend school, work, spend time with their beloved families and friends and still find time to record and perform. Diligentz continue to give back to the community, performing for free at charity events, as well as coaching youth football and basketball.

Outside of recording hit records, Diligentz's future projects include: producing the"Punk Rock TV" DVD, and an event promotion company, "Fly & Flashy Entertainment." Also, each group member is currently in the studio recording their solo mixtapes.

Diligentz strong passion for originality has driven them to be the leaders of the Bay Area's Punk Rock phenomenon. These four young, fly and flashy boys have created a movement, which allows you to be yourself within their style of music and dress. These four up-and-coming lyricists are setting trends instead of following them. Through the Punk Rock phenomenon, Diligentz inspires others to deviate from the norm and redefine what it is to be cool.