Oakland, California, USA

"A songbird thathas a hypnotizing voice and an extensive knowledge ofmultiple instruments: guitar, uke, piano, sax to name a few. Dillbillys songs stream consciousness away from the present to another, peaceful yet contemplative place. With a nearlysouthern folk feel, Dills music makes you want to lay in an open field and ponder life, the good and the bad. Her alto voice and sighing metaphorical lyrics dance above her tracks that scream, peaceful journey."


Oakland, California based and Indiana grown, Dillbilly has performed across the U.S. and Canada over the past 15 years releasing 10 full length albums of both solo and collaborative projects. Committed to making music with integrity Dill is independent and motivated to create fiery sounds with local ingredients by their own hands.  Recording, producing, and writing all original songs ranging from acoustic folk to looping electronica and full fledged rock, Dill is a genre shapeshifter and a gender bender.  Their collaborative projects in the past have included, Pineries, Oldmanforest, Sunfisher, and Orenda.

Whether the vehicle of the song is guitar, uke, banjo, sax, or piano, Dills songwriting is [...] so strong you can taste it. It is sweet, spicy, savory, organic, homegrown, lots of twists, sometimes complex, sometimes so simple, and oh so very delicious! Their albums makes you want to sit in a rocking chair on a front porch in the fall while eating peach salsa, or wander out deep in the woods without knowing were youll end up, says artist and friend Margaret Belton of San Franscisco, CA.

Branching into filmscoring, Dillbilly has composed for two full length films from Roundpoint Movies videomaker, Craig Saddlemire.  Neighbor by Neighbor: Mobilizing an Invisible Community in Lewiston, ME (2009) features a theme song written by Dill and coming soon will be  Household: Four stories of kinship and curiosity (2013) which features an entire score!

Dills most recent full length solo release, Heavy Joi, is a sparkling work of thought and labor.  Heavy JOI is evidence of Dills growth as an artist showcasing a complete and mature batch of thirteen songs that gives this album both weight and levity, as the album title implies.  Dills lyrics and instrumentation are meaningful and complex. Each component is about substance not style. She broaches difficult and complicated emotional issues that adults experience but are rarely able to articulate in such a beautiful way. I doubt Denise Dill has received nearly as much goodwill as other lesser singer/songwriters, and she has certainly received less than she deserves.  For now, Ill leave Heavy JOI on my list of records which require further inspection. Ill plan to revisit it frequently and slowly digest all of its brilliant detail., says music enthusiast and critic Elijah True of Lewiston, ME.  To purchase a copy of Heavy Joi, as well as other recordings visit www.cdbaby.com/denisedillmusic or search for it on iTunes and Bandcamp.


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