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"The Break Presents: Dillon Cooper"

Described by someone as “some fucking swaggy ass kid who raps really fast but looks like he’s sleeping,” the 20-year-old Brooklynite can spit bars effortlessly. While you get hip to his latest mixtape, Cozmik, here’s more on the young talented rapper.

Name: Dillon Cooper

Age: 20

Hometown: Brooklyn, New York

I grew up listening to: Everything that my parents played at home. So there was a lot of R&B and soul and reggae played. I got really interested in Jimi Hendrix when I was about 12 and saw his Woodstock performance, then I got real deep into that. I really liked 50 and Eminem, that’s why my first big concert was the ‘Anger Management 3' tour.

Most people don’t know I: Snowboard.

My style’s been compared to: Buck Shot/Big L/Lupe Fiasco.

My standout records and/or moments to date have been: “State of Elevation” has been a standout record, putting out my first mixtape Cozmik and headlining the Mixery Hip-Hop Open Festival in Stuttgart, Germany alongside Wu-Tang, and partying with them afterwards!

My goal in Hip-Hop is: To keep it alive and bring something new to the table.

I’m gonna be the next: Artist to make an impact not only on hip-hop, but pop culture.

To check out more of my music go to: Follow me on Twitter at @TheDillonCooper, Facebook, and YouTube. - XXL Magazine

"Mixtape: Dillon Cooper - Cozmik"

Dillon Cooper was introduced to me with an amazing and completely accurate description: “He’s some fucking swaggy ass kid who raps really fast but looks like he’s sleeping, and that rules.”

At only 20 years old, Brooklynite Dillon Cooper is quickly becoming one to watch. He showed some major skill, both lyrically and stylistically, with the “State Of Elevation” video he put out back in May. Cooper is back now with his first full mixtape, and it’s great. His sound is in line with a throwback state of mind similar to a few other MCs his age, most notably Joey Bada$$, by flowing over gritty beats instead of the newer, electronic-influenced production that has become so popular in the soundscape of recent hip-hop. Cooper’s debut effort sounds like it would be most at home banging through the speakers of an oversized boom-box on the shoulder of a kid in sagged pants and a backwards hat, circa 1994.

Cozmik feels good in your headphones. His samples are bold, rapping over iconic hip-hop beats from Outkast on “Ms. Jackson” and Mobb Deep on “Survival Of The Fittest,” Cooper proves he definitely has rapping chops. Other highlights of the tape include the second track, “Every Day Life,” which has a smooth jazz-infused beat that takes you back a time before everything was auto-tuned. The more hyphy “Warning Shots” goes a bit harder, but has Cooper proving he has a handle on both a refined old-school sound, as well as the commercial end of the spectrum.

The assessment that Dillon is a “fucking swaggy ass kid” is right on the money, even if it’s not the most eloquent way to say it. He has a confidence about him that makes you feel like you’re listening to someone who’s already on top. Dillon Cooper releases this mixtape in an exciting time for new MCs, with acts like Chance The Rapper and Joey Bada$$ paving the way, and it will be interesting to see the trajectory of this talented young rapper’s career. Listen and download to the tape below. Also, as a bonus, check out Cooper’s stellar video for my personal favorite track off the tape, “State Of Elevation.” - Pigeons & Planes

"Who Is Dillon Cooper?"

We were first introduced to 20-year-old Brooklyn rapper Dillon Cooper with his video for “State of Elevation.” As far as first impressions go, it was a damned good one, we compared him to a cross between Chance The Rapper and Joey Bada$$. It was so good that we immediately checked out his debut mixtape, Cozmik. Our curiosity was again rewarded. The mixtape is a 17 song monster, which features Cooper flexing his venerable lyrical skill. There’s talk of teenage love gone wrong on his excellent spin of “Ms. Jackson,” menacing raps done right on “Kung Fu,” and the palpable likeableness of “State of Elevation.”

But don't get the wrong impression. Cooper isn't just some '90s gear wearing kid running around New York doing throwback raps. While the music and accompanying videos are representative of who he is—Dillon is from New York, was born in the '90s, and both of those things influence his music—they don’t paint the whole picture.

A few months removed from Cozmik’s release, we wanted to know the rest of Cooper’s story. So we had him swing by the office to get to know him better. We talked to us about his serious guitar playing background, what made him want to start rapping, and his relationship with fellow up and coming Brooklyn MCs. Find out, Who Is Dillon Cooper?

As told to by Max Goldberg

Growing Up in Crown Heights, Brooklyn

Dillon Cooper: “I was born in Crown Heights, Brooklyn and I’ve lived in the same place ever since. My family all moved there from Barbados when my mom was about 10. We all lived in one apartment. Growing up right by Prospect Park, right by Empire Roller Rink, there was always stuff to do. Getting older, I started branching out of Brooklyn. I went to Catholic school until about 4thgrade. Catholic school was whatever, I didn’t know any different because I was in it since kindergarten, it was what I knew.

“Around 4th grade, I switched to this little school in Greenwich Village named Little Red because my mom wanted a change of scenery for me. She worked in the city and she wanted me to branch out. I was always into different stuff, I was always doing music or acting from a young age so the city just seemed like a better place to broaden my horizons, to not be in Brooklyn all the time.

“Then I went to PPAS, which is the Professional Performing Arts School. That was cool but I got in trouble a lot there, it was just a lot of little shit that turned into big shit for no reason. There was one situation, where I was completely innocent, but I got blamed for the whole thing. They let off stink bombs all throughout the entire school, and it was horrible. It was putrid. And the first person they came to was me and a couple of my friends. They patted us down, opened our lockers, and everything.”

High School

Dillon Cooper: “So I was there until 8thgrade and didn’t get back in for high school. Didn’t get into other schools so I went to Washington Irving. It’s not know as the greatest school ever, people look at Irving like it’s the bottom of the barrel. There’s a lot of gangs and shit going on there. But it was the best experience ever for me and I would not change going to high school at Irving for anything.

“It opened me up to the realness of life, real people and real situations. There were fights all the time, sometimes you’d have to fight because your friends were fighting. That was just the type of mentality the school had. I was always doing different shit, either playing guitar or skating.

"When I went over there, people saw me as different. First day I was over there, I was wearing tight jeans, a big ass backpack, had long ass dreads, and my skates. I already had a different thing about me. I learned to fend for myself a lot more and break into my own. Irving made that. It broke my shell.”

Playing Guitar

Dillon Cooper: “When I was real young, my parents asked me what instrument I wanted to play. I said drums, and they said, ‘No. You’re playing piano.’ I don’t even know why they asked me. I took piano and that lasted for a few years but I wasn’t with that, I wanted to play guitar because it was so much cooler. That was around seven, and I’ve been playing guitar since.

“It’s always been my main thing. One day, I told my dad that I wanted to play guitar seriously, that it was what I wanted to do. He said, ‘Ok well, I’m not going to get you an electric guitar. If you want to play you can play acoustic. Then you’ll learn on there and get an electric.’

"So they got me a cheap little Dean acoustic electric, but it was awesome to me. I taught myself all the little songs like “Back in Black” by ACDC or “Seven Nation Army” by the White Stripes, super beginner type shit, and then I started getting serious. I played everything by ear.”

Going to Berklee College of Music

Dillon Cooper: “I went to Berklee College of Music to study guitar performance. To be completely honest, I didn’t know what I wanted to do after high school. I - Complex Magazine

"Introducing Dillon Cooper"

When the population of “aspiring rappers” has surpassed guidos on the Jersey shore, it makes it difficult to identify true talent. I was introduced to Dillon Cooper, a 19 year old MC and Guitarist born and raised in Brookyn, NY. He just recently relocated to Boston where he’s attending the well respected Berklee University, which looks to be the right move for the young kid. This video above was shot by the one and only Jon Kilmer, and at first glace this kid showed me enough confidence and charisma in his delivery to continue watching with an eager eye. His lyrics are on point, his sound is well rounded, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t love an Ali sample to kickstart the track?

Dillon’s mission is to speak from his soul and stay true to his self and his crew, R.A.D; Ridiculous and Driven. Seen in the video are RAD JaY THE GREAT who is actually the producer of the song and T-RAD, Dillon’s older brother. Sound off in the newly refined comments section! - FreshNewTracks

"The Fresh Heir x Decriminals Present... An Exclusive Interview with Dillon Cooper"

“Who is Dillon Cooper?” It’s a question that’s been floating around the internet for the past several weeks, sparked by Jadakiss tweeting the link to the 19-year-old Brooklyn-born rapper’s debut music video just days after its release. The young MC’s near-meteoric rise to relevance led to YouTube and Google searches everywhere, but none have yielded anything more than “Shadows”… until now, that is.

Like everyone else, we wanted to know who Dillon Cooper was. We wanted the answer to that question that’s been making headlines on hip-hop blogs across the nation, so we went out and got it. A week ago today, The Fresh Heir and Decriminals teamed up for an exclusive video interview with the man of the moment. As described in detail in Part One of the interview, we spent the entire afternoon with Dillon, on what happened to be the most beautiful March day Boston has ever seen, kickin’ it down by the Charles River and later on the Green Street Vault, chopping it up about hip-hop and everything beyond.

From the interview, and really from the whole day in general, I learned that not only is Dillon Cooper an extremely talented rapper with a diverse musical background, but he’s also a great kid with a positive outlook and an infectious personality that’s going to lead him to success no matter what becomes of his career in hip-hop.

The Fresh Heir is proud to present the first-ever video interview with Dillon Cooper. I have a feeling it won’t be the last. Hit the links below, and stay tuned for much more. - The Fresh Heir

"Dillon Cooper - Shadows Pt. II (Video)"

Dillon Cooper is #RAD. This viral picked up 10k in 1 night, light work for the Brooklyn artist who is looking to conquer his dreams! Shot and Edited by Hi-Lite Reel Boston, the viral helps bring the solid track over the top. Cooper is out to prove that he’s more than just a hip-hop artist! Besides directing the music video for Shadows Pt II, his talents include playing the guitar and aggressive inline skating. You might find yourself bumping your head to this track, but focus on Dillon’s lyrical ability. He offers some wise advice in the chorus about being determined. Stay ridiculous and driven! - Fly Life NJ

"Dillon Cooper - 'Notions'"

Budding Brooklyn emcee Dillon Cooper, who you may remember from his nearly-viral, Jadakiss-co-signed “Shadows” video earlier this year, delivers a brand new track. Over a chiming instrumental, anchored by a smooth drum sequence and crashing percussion, Cooper lyrically reflects on the troubles that lay on his mind to produce “Notions”. This number will feauture on the young wordsmith’s debut mixtape, Season 1, which is currently in the works. Producers Teddy Roxpin (Mac Miller, Apathy, Tayyib Ali), Jay Da Great and Pat White are all expected to contribute to the project.
‘Til then, give “Notions” a listen below and hit the download button if you like what you hear. - Soul Culture

"INTERVIEW: Dillon Cooper x Sneakers for Success"

Dillon Cooper is a 19-year old MC & sneaker fanatic, hailing from Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY. In anticipation of his performance at Sneakers For Success‘ first annual fundraiser, Dillon sat down with The Couch Sessions to talk, but only after rollerblading tricks all over the graffitied out ramps and rails on the rooftop of 350 Grand St, where the event will be held on June 28th, 2012.

Dillon’s musical movement R.A.D.–Ridiculous & Driven–comes from the realization that “your in control of your own destiny and you do what you want to do”. His young career began when he taught himself how to play the guitar at age 8 and at age 17 entered the Berklee College School of Music (alma mater of John Mayer and Quincy Jones). Dillon’s open-mindedness is reflected in both his musical influences, which range from reggae, R&B, pop and rock, and his desire to travel the world to play music.

He explains that sneakers, like hip-hop, are worldwide. The same way people who don’t speak the same language, can love the same beat, they can recognize each others sneakers; its a language shared without words. If Dillon Cooper could have any sneaker he wanted, he couldn’t just pick one – it would have to be “Jordans, 1-12, all OG, every colorway.” He believes that Sneakers for Success is giving kids the chance to really engage their love of sneakers and make something of it. - The Couch Sessions

"New Artist Alert: Dillon Cooper"

With a vicious attack to melodic beats, Brooklyn's own Dillon Cooper is ready for the world, yep, that grimey one known as the music industry. His real dude appeal (hence his government name is also his stage name), is grounded with the roots of Crown Heights, Brooklyn and parents that inspired him to explore the full spectrum of the arts. The 19-year-old, avid inline skater taught himself how to play the guitar at 8-years-old and learned the piano at four-years-old.

Upon entering Berklee College of Music at 17-years-old, the rapper and sometimes actor (he's been in various nationwide commercials and music videos), has been focused on getting his music to the masses. What better way to do so than hitting up Youtube and finding out how the people take to your talent? View the clips below that DC has created against lush but rugged soundscapes produced by Jay Da Great. The visuals are a stark look into the everyday life of a youngster from NYC's real people blocks.

Check more of Dillon and his R.a.D. (Ridiculous and Driven) movement at here. - Vibe Magazine


Cozmik (Mixtape), released June 27, 2013



Dillon Cooper is more than your average rapper. Born and raised in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, New York, this 19-year old is doing exactly what he set out to do.
Taught to play piano at 4 years old and becoming a self-taught lead guitarist at age 8, Dillon became a college freshman by age 17 attending Berklee College of Music, one of the world's most sought after music schools, (the alma mater of John Mayer and Quincy Jones).
With his musical influences and talent built and shaped by some of his idols: Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, The Notorious BIG, Tupac Shakur and Big L, this Brooklyn teen has his eyes on the throne.

Musician, rapper, aspiring actor and Freestyle Roller (Aggressive Inline Skating), to date he has achieved a number of accolades
which he refers to as "fun times" At 14 he was invited to play guitar along-side the “Lionel Hampton Orchestra” during a Times Square outdoor jazz set. As an actor he's been featured in national commercials for Burlington Coat Factory and Apple Ipods as well as
being featured in music videos with international artist Thalia and R’n’B artist Fantasia.

Growing up with parents who encouraged the arts it’s not surprising that his love of music embodies an eclectic musical palate that spans Motown, the clashing guitars of Rock and Roll, and the expounding realness of hip-hop.

His movement R.a.D.( Ridiculous and Driven) serves as his mantra and defines the attitude of the growing generation of creativity taking root. With his captivating charm, raw talent and skills, this self professed sneaker-head is set to make his mark with new music ready to drop this summer. Dillon Cooper is Ridiculous and Driven. Get to know Dillon Cooper.