Dillon Warnek

Dillon Warnek


A young man from the Greater Seattle area with words that allow you to feel smarter just for having heard them. Ready to take on the world with his ideas, Dillon can be found playing venues all over Seattle and occasionally in Nashville and is aired on Seattle radio.


Dillon Warnek
Dillon Warnek is a Washington born musician. At 17 years of age, he writes music far beyond his years. This Greater-Seattle based Singer/Songwriter has an inviting stage presence and his music crosses the barriers of Age and Space. Dillon has a comforting personality and is fast becoming recognized and widely respected as a musician.
Dillon’s fantastic balance of Backbone, Passion and Fluidity is the very reason that his Fan-Base is growing so rapidly. Dillon has been featured on Seattle radio (KSER 90.7 FM and KKNW 1150 AM) and can be seen playing his music live at numerous venues throughout Greater-Seattle and Nashville.
A man of many musical talents, Dillon is a simple and pure interpreter of the Acoustic Guitar. He also plays Electric Guitar, Harmonica, Ukulele and Banjo. His show is a good time for any occasion, whether as a solo act, or accompanied by his incredible band.
Dillon recorded his Debut Album at the world renowned Sound Emporium Studios in Nashville in October of 2007. The songs from this recording have been included in this packet for you to enjoy by clicking the AUDIO icon at the top of this page.
It’s time to introduce Dillon Warnek to the world. If you have an event in need of professional entertainment by this Passionate musician with his Emotionally Charged Lyrics, please contact us using the information provided.
Thank You for taking the time to experience Dillon Warnek.
Enjoy the Music and the Life!
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The Lion and the Thornbush

Written By: Dillon Warnek

I spent a week drawing your name in the sand of some exotic ocean and I spent the night talking about you in some restaurant until the morning came. I spent a day thinking about you on a long car ride to nowhere when I thought I could drive away. And I spent the night with some other girl a couple weeks ago thinking a distraction would get you out of my head and the whole time I was with her I was wishing that i was with you instead and latly I`ve been gazing at random faces because it could be you one of these days you know its a small world and all at least thats what some people say but tomorrow the sun will be shining and it will long after I am dead but I`d forsake its light to spend forever in the night if I could live in the dark with you instead and I`ve taken now to staring out the window because it helps me pass the time I press my nose get my eyes upclose trying to get you out of my mind and Im throwing all my questions in a bottle asking when and where did I go off track well Im going to go out to the sea and throw them and see if someone writes me back. Becouse I know I know I am hopeless you got so many other places to be you got a life to live and theres so many men so many times better than me. But tomorrow the sun will be shining and it will long after I am dead but i`d forsake its light to spend forever in the night If I could live in the dark with you instead ya if I could live in the dark with you instead

Badminton on Mars

Written By: Dillon Warnek

Theres kids collecting leaves in the street and the last of the apples have fallen from the trees and Im standing in the rain calling your name beneath a ruined balcony and Im counting every stone that I throw but your window is staying closed I`d just like to talk maybe take you for a walk but I`m beginning to think your not home. The clouds are coming low to the ground it must be heaven on earth that they found but defend it and I say fog move away but I cant seem to make a sound. People are stuck in thier cars outside two time restaurants and oxygen bars but you and I don`t have to stay no we could go play a game of badminton on Mars.


Debut LP - Polaroid Party -
All of the following tracks can be heard online at www.myspace.com/dillonwarnek

Tracks 2, 8 and 9 can be seen on You Tube at the following web addresses:

Multiple tracks can be heard on 90.7 FM KSER Seattle.

1. Scarecrow and a Sad Bird
2. Each and Every Day
3. Pieces
4. Sunshine Streets
5. Badminton on Mars
6. Boy in a Well
7. Random Chapters
8. The Lion and the Thornbush
9. Sinking Light
10. Change of Scenery (Early Version)

Set List

The Set list changes a bit to accommodate each particular situation. It usually is built of the songs from the New LP Polaroid Party and includes other originals. Dillon has approximately 2 hours of originals and is always creating new material. He has 4 to 6 hours of cover material ranging from Traditional Folk and Blues to Bob Dylan and Woody Guthrie, Robert Johnson and The Grateful Dead to Bright Eyes and Iron and Wine...