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EP - Dilluted - October 2004
Away From Me
Dear Dad
Growing Colder

EP - Dilluted - Feb 2004
Away from Me


Feeling a bit camera shy


It's a 3-piece hard rocking vocally intense, rhythmically moving group of musicians that take you on a journey from the strike of the first chord, through the pain within the lyrics, to the final onslaught of pure original talent. If you can't feel what they play then you’re not alive! Dilluted comes together as a collection of many different influences and cultures which is an extremely unique formula that delivers an unmistakable sound. The basic core of Dilluted is an aggressive, yet melodic production of high energy songs and symphonious hooks. “I try not to define our sound” says drummer Isaiah Bowling “We just play what we are in the mood for, we’ll jam for hours on end, simply because it feels good – that’s how you know you got something special.” The songwriting process for Dilluted is a little more than unusual explains singer/guitarist Justin Doyle “Our band believes in not being perfect, every mistake that we’ve made makes us into who we are. I take personal failures and turn them into personal achievements through music – it’s my staple on life.” Their Debut EP "Derevaun Seraun", recorded at Heritage Recording Studios, contains 4 songs that capture every detail that makes Dilluted unique. Everyone can relate to each song on a personal level. Starting with the aggressiveness of “Exhausted”, which explains the emotional spiral of a lying relationship, “Exhausted was the first time I put my disappointments and anger into music” says Doyle, “I believe that everyone has their own way of dealing with things, the best way I deal with my demons is through music, you can just feel it.” The next track on the disc is “Away from Me” which is a melodic/aggressive anthem about those people who annoy you on a daily basis, anybody can relate to that. The fan favorite of the disc, “Anymore” is a hyper-active, rhythmically intense piece, that is a culmination of sounds that best describes Dilluted. The most emotional song of the cd is “Dear Dad”, a song about a son declaring independence against a father’s bad delivery of good intentions. “This song is not about anger or hate, it’s about my decision to be myself, and not what my dad thought I should be” says Doyle. “This song is a message of individuality, but still contains love and the respect of his good intentions.” Dilluted has the drive, heart and soul poured into every musical note, and delivers it to the crowd at every show, in every city, every time!