I write songs and music based on my feelings. Thisis usually a mix of blues/rock &pop


I'm a songwriter only, but have undergone many experiences throughout life. These form the basis of my songs


One as One

Written By: D'Ilson

One as One

One woman, one lover
Don’t forsake me, for another,
To my children, you’re their mother,
Bring me my wine, and be mine.

Walking hand, in hand,
By the sea barefoot in the sand,
Golden sands, between your toes,
Like an open book I hope will never close.

Middle 8 /lift

I’ll ask the question,
Do you care,
Tomorrow will you be there?

One lover, one woman,
Don’t need to tell me,
You’re a good one,

We’ll share one bed,
Nothing to be said,
Two beings as one,
No tears to shed.

All words written by David P. Towers ©2009

I'm Yours (If you want me)

Written By: D'Ilson

I’m Yours (If you want me)

One day you’ll wake up
And see my love
You’ll be my love forever
Whenever you kiss me
Carress me
No turning back no never
Why don’t you look
Into my eyes and see
You’ll soon realize
You’re the only one for me


If you want we can share
The feeling of care
In the morning we’ll awake
Go to work in the car
Don’t have to travel so far
Staring intently at your lovely face
Then when all toil is done
We can go have some fun
Our bodies will surely embrace
Then when the lights go out
You’ll give me your heart
Not a flicker of doubt in your face.

But ‘till that day comes
I’ll look at you
Lovingly but empty
How can I see you
Not be with you
My lonely heart is breaking plenty
Why don’t you look
Into my eyes and see
You’ll soon realize
You’re the only one for me

All words & music by David P Towers ((D’Ilson) ©2009


I've released none so far. I've written many "One as One" I've had produced, "I'm yours(if you want me)" I've produced on my computer. Itend to record "live"

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