Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA

DILYSI, in its conception it is, in your face, wall of sound, rock and roll, but with close examination it may be the most contagious thing you've ever heard.


It’s been almost nine years in the making, but Boston-area based quartet DILYSI (pronounced dil-ah-sigh), finally feel like they are getting closer to where they want to be. Formed in April of 2001, while three members, guitarist Paul LeClerc, 24, bassist Dylan Cogswell, 25, and drummer/vocalist Pat Leary, 24 were sophomores in high school, the band, which also features lead vocalist Justin Leach, 29, has seen their share of highs and lows. After generating a steady following upon playing their debut show in October 2001, the band garnered some regional acclaim in New England, which culminated in their winning the Black Hills Battle of the Bands at the Worcester Palladium in April 2002. Using the recording time they won, they recorded a six song EP in May 2002 and continued to play shows in the Boston/South Shore area. However, upon graduation in June 2003 for the three aforementioned members, the band was forced to go on hiatus after Leary left for school in New York. Attempts at keeping the band together during the next four years were made, and they were even able to record four more songs in March 2004. However, with distance being the main reason, the band simply didn’t have the time to practice or play shows. Each member continued to play on their own, and to a lesser extent, with each other. Then, in 2008, some small talk led to some jamming, and eventually the reunion of the four original members.

After several months of writing and playing, the band returned to the recording studio, putting down three tracks with Raymond Jeffrey of Liberty and Union Recording in October 2009. The following week, the band returned to the stage for the first time in five years, selling out the Guru Room in Plymouth, MA in what was a memorable night. Now armed with a whole new array of original music and recently signing with Boston based indie label Rearview Records, DILYSI is hoping for big things in 2010.


The Fall

Written By: Jutty Leach

Been gone for too long, thrown with the stones
You and I will both agree that I will choose and I choose care free I will not, cannot be let down
When my leaf is detached and falls to the ground with another

Falling on each other, upon one another, gracefully together, falling face down

That’s the one that pops in and out it could be the one worth fighting for eyeful I adore you

I know I can be discreet can't find me when I walk the streets fells like I dove into concrete Sidewalks with chalk that where we'll meet each other

Stumble upon another, now were with each other, gently placed together, restless leaves us down

Restless leaves us face down, falling face down, let’s go

Stuck in the sky, lost with the stars

Side By Side

Written By: Jutty Leach

We will become much more then what we take from this
Bouncing back and forth finding out what this is worth
We'll find out

I’ll break all I have then I’ll take you

You will see how we will uncover our own pearls
Minutes just pass we still laugh when time is so hard to find
I am stuck on this
Heartfelt floating basket raft we'll ride side by side, side by side

We convey a sound that’s true, you and I do
Cause I’ll break

Thought You Knew

Written By: Jutty Leach

Carry on, a flutter, passing electric
I slow it down pursuing the days to come with all loved ones
The actual is forgettable

All I got is time for us to unwind
Recollection with take place as I picture your face

Phantasms shape a perception what does this even mean
When it feels so surreal to me cinematic unraveling
My threads are now debris

Now I'm all uptight forget about...
That night I only did what felt right
Thought you knew

We will receive what the other's thinking
Even if it hurts me it's always relieving

Thought we knew ourselves


We Made Streets - August, 2010 on Rearview Records

Set List

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