dimazza is the sometimes solo project of singer/songwriter david juncos. like a cross between damien rice and REM, dimazza is making strides in the philly and nyc music scene. pure songs, like a story told straight from the soul, dimazza is a new indie force to be reckoned with.


for a list of influences, see our myspace page:
basically, it sounds like lou barlow, donavan, REM, U2, mojave 3, mazzy star, etc.


Stargazers Rd EP

Set List

last set list:
1) Here's to a New Year
2) The Moon Song (unreleased)
3) Hollow Point in Time
4) Beware of Darkness (George Harrison)
5) Close to Home (unreleased)
6) Anna I (unreleased)
7) Untitled (Cure)

Basically, the sets are usually 75% original, and 25% covers.