Dime Store Novel

Dime Store Novel


Music that reverberates in the soul to such an extent that it can never be forgotten. Hip kitschy indie tunes with sultry vocals and mood guitar. "Were gonna take this town by surprise you wait and see"


My first band was when I was a kid in the 80's. We called ourselves The Diamond Riders, named after the little reflectors on our bicycles. We played with tennis rackets for guitars and broom sticks for mics. We were young and didn't need much back then. All we had was our imaginations and no one to tell us otherwise.

If you were to ask me my influences I could only say that every song I have ever heard, in passing cars, department stores and elevators all comprised the soundtrack of my life.

If you had to put us in a category you could consider our music Indie rock with a melodic twist. Sultry vocals that beg to be heard.


We are in the process of putting out our first release. "The Soundtrack of My Life"

Set List

A normal set list varies. Generally we do about 10 originals and 2 or so covers. Usually a Patty smith cover or something by Mazzy Star or Midnight Movies.