Dime Street Joker

Dime Street Joker

 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Dime Street Joker is female fronted rock band quickly rising in the Philly music scene with their great musicianship and exciting live shows. Alternative/Hard Rock sound with a big classic rock influence. DSJ is currently expanding outside of Philly and eager to release the Joker on the world!


Dime Street Joker is an up and coming, female fronted, rock band from Philadelphia, PA.

Dime Street Joker released their self-titled debut 8 song EP on September 10th, 2010. DSJ was started by Mike Graf, Brian Walsh, and Steve McGill in 2004. Originally named Catacult, they played for years, going through many members. Five years later, lead singer Natasha Kornegay joined the band after a two-year stint with Worst Case Scenario. Shortly after, DSJ picked up bassist Jason Sheck ,who had been playing bass since 2000 and occasionally filling in for the metal band Deluge. With their diverse backgrounds and appreciation for the classic rock sound they have stirred up a recipe for one of the best sounds to hit the Philly music scene in quite some time.

Dime Street Joker is just starting out but is quickly gaining recognition. DSJ has only played a few shows, focusing mainly on the debut EP, but has not had any trouble booking shows as they pack most of the venues they play. Dime Street Joker was also in the Your Next Record with Slash contest sponsored by Guitar Center. With over 12,000 bands in the contest, DSJ made it to the finals with a buzz factor of 99.82. The finals ended with Dime Street Joker holding the 4th highest buzz factor, finishing 4th out of over 12,000.

Dime Street Joker is one of the best bands in the Philly music scene today with their spectacular musicianship and entertaining live shows.


Dime Street Joker (C) 2010