Dimitri Rich

Dimitri Rich

 Westerville, Ohio, USA

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Written By: Dimitri Zubrich


How often in your life you start the morning race?
How often do you use the mask with happy face?
You’re trying through the years to find your lucky way
But deep inside you know, you never even pray!

You often spend your life on doing silly things
You often laugh and lie to get what pleasure brings
You’re trying awfully hard to find a lot of friends
But deep inside you know that none of them will stand

And I will sing my song and it will last so long
The story can be wrong, I know
And I will ask again if you can be my friend
To get the story right just look deep inside

You’re not afraid of laugh, but don’t believe in magic
You’re not afraid of love, but think it’s only tragic
No matter what you try, you lose your dream again
But deep inside you know, you’re want to be the man

You often like to smile and show that you are better
You’re waiting for a gift and nothing else would matter
You’re trying once again to hold a heavy stone
But deep inside you know you’re going to be alone