Dimitri's Rail

Dimitri's Rail

 Spring, Texas, USA

A four piece modern rock band from Texas. Supercharged rock with a sound of its own. Simply put when you hear the band you say that's Dimitri's Rail. Dimitri's Rail made the nomination list for the 54th Grammy Awards for Best Rock Song in 2012.


DR is a four piece modern rock band from Texas. They released their first EP with Universal Music Group/Fontana “Wake Up” through Indie Extreme / Desert Highway
Records in 2010. The title track, “Wake Up”, received airplay on major market radio stations KTBZ 94.5 The Buzz in February of 2010, reaching #51 on the national play list
for the station. The band continued to sustain a top 10 national ranking on the Clear Channel New Music Network which is used to select artists for national airplay.

- With this success, DR received airplay nationally with the single “Will Never Break” from their upcoming release of their national debut album in February of 2011 on
KMOD/Tulsa, KNCN/Corpus Christi,WHEB/Portsmouth, WRQK/Canton, WTKX,Pensacola,\WXEG/Dayton and WXTB/Tampa, Rock 103.9 Bryan College Station.


2010 - EP Wake Up - distributed by Universal Fontana
2011 - Will Never Break - National radio single
2012 - airplay on Will Never Break , Through the Window , Back to You
2012 - Pre Release of THE ALBUM " Back to You "

Set List

Just Breath
Will Never Break
She Said
What lies Ahead
Back to You
Know Me
Paint Me
Fade Away
Wake Up
Through the Window
Romance and Hate