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Spring, Texas, United States | MAJOR

Spring, Texas, United States | MAJOR
Band Rock Alternative


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"Their new album "Back to You" is full of edgy high energy cuts, with a HUGE SOUND."

The video for "Back to You," has great production value and you can tell they are not just throwing music out there like any 'joe from the block' they care about what they are presenting! - Examiner.com

"Dimitri's Rail Bring New Music and Energy to the Rock World with New LP"

Their new album "Back to You" is full of edgy high energy cuts, with a HUGE SOUND. While I don't review rock that often, this band quickly got my attention from the opening riff on the title track "Back to You." I have to say that is one of my favorites from this album. I also connected well with "Just Breathe ," the first song on the album and another high energy joint with massive sound and great lyrics. - Yahoo Voices


Houston is host to quite the handful of great bands, in my humble opinion. Dimitri’s Rail, who hit the alternative rock scene in 2001, is no exception, and, as far as I am concerned, is the hardest working band I have had the pleasure to work with. The band has become one of the best original live rock bands in Texas
The vocalist for the band, Paul Ehmer, knows what he wants and he goes after it. He doesn’t wait for someone else to do it for him. Bands could take quite the lesson from watching this man work. He gets to know everyone he can in this industry and gets involved in anything he can to help get the Dimitri’s Rail name out there. And it works! I first met Paul at an event over a year ago where a band I was working with was playing a venue here in Houston. They opened up for Dimitri’s Rail. At this point, I didn’t know much of Dimitri’s Rail but had heard enough that I was pretty stoked about hearing them play live. Immediately after the show, someone brought me a shot of jager and said it was from Paul and that he wanted to meet with me. Like I said, he puts himself out there and gets to know everyone he can in this business.
Dimitri’s Rail went national in February of this year with Clear Channel played in rotation on KMOD/Tulsa, KNCN/Corpus Christi, WHEB/Portsmouth, WRQK/Canton, WTKX/Pensacola, WXEG/Dayton and WXTB/Tampa.
The band also worked with Mike and Hank Cortez of Music Media Productions in putting together the first annual Bayou Fest Houston this year, along with the Layla Grace Foundation. They opened as direct support for Rev Theory and Saliva. Information on the event can be found at www.bayoufesthouston.com.
As a result of doing the festival, Dimitri’s Rail has acquired rotation on 103.9 in Bryan / College station and will be doing shows with the station. A couple of the bands on the bill being worked on are Puddle of Mudd and Seether. Dimitri’s Rail will also be doing other shows with the station on a regular basis.
In 2003 Dimitri’s Rail released their debut album, “Seasons of the Weak” which was recorded at Houston’s own renowned SugarHill Studios. The album was produced by the band in conjunction with talented engineer Steve Christensen, who has worked with national multi-platinum artists such as Destiny’s Child and Clay Walker.
The band is currently working on their second full length album with all the songs tracked and just finishing up some final touches on the vocals. The band is working with producer Daryl Youngblood. Stay tuned for a release date!
Dimitri’s Rail is receiving a lot of major label interest so I do not think it will be long and everyone will be talking about this kick ass band from Texas!
If you are in the Houston area, the band will be playing a show with the Sick Puppies at Warehouse Live, Saturday June 4th !
Paul Ehmer – Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Sean Harrold – Backing Vocals, Lead Guitar
Mike Maloney – Drums, Percussion
Eric Dockery – Bass
Check out the band and the music out at the following locations! - Metaholic Magazine

"Interview with Paul Ehmer of Dimitri’s Rail April 15, 2011"

Hey how’s it going? I’m doing good, just busy.
Lewis Entertainment Group. There family started Pace Concerts. They have been in the live side forever. Jeff Lewis then became the chairman of Clear Channel Entertainment Sports and so they started an entertainment company. I just happened to meet the right person. I walked into their office, there was a gold and a platinum album on the wall, there was stuff by James Gandolfini signed and it was pretty crazy. He started explaining everything about his family. They have a well respected name within the whole huge concert arena and amphitheatre scene. He said he wanted to jump right into it with us. Everyday he calls me with something that is huge. I have been doing this for over ten years and now it is really taking off.
Yep, that’s what’s going on. It’s very strange. It is starting to happen so fast.
We released an EP through Universal/Fontana through a label underneath them. It was an artist/label service kind of thing. The way that works is a little different.
Yes, we are working on a full length album. It will depend on who we will release with as to when it is released. The full length album will have those four songs from the EP, but we are going to re-record them and basically re-do them with our producer. We are already getting picked up on radio. “Will Never Break” went national with Clear Channel and then it got picked up in college station / Bryan Tx in rotation over there at 103.9, so it is already starting to spread around. I’m talking to some radio stations about putting a download link up on the radio station to actually do a free download for a week or something. We are already planting all the seeds for radio and it will be easy for it to be put out on other stations. We are on eight or nine Clear Channel stations in rotation, but they own like 800 plus stations. It is basically syndicated. It’s one of those things where you get it out there and it will start creating a buzz. When I told that to Jason Lewis he said “I’m real impressed with all of the radio play you are getting. That is really good. I see the embers burning already.” That is why he is hitting up so hard on the record label and publishing side. He knows that is what they are going to want to do. He wants to basically take them a full project and then they run with it.
Everything is tracked, but I have to do vocals on maybe four more songs and I’m done. We just finalized the big power ballad. It is all coming along really good and it is all happening at the right time.
Our producer, Daryl Youngblood, is doing it. I have been friends with him for fifteen years. He has had nine Top 10 hits and some of his stuff has been placed in TV, film and with ESPN. He has built a name for himself. I signed a producing deal with him. We are co-writing when working on the album and that is probably the best decision I have ever made. I am totally sold on the idea of bands using the right producer and co-writing with them. They know what people are looking for. They know the platform of what they want to hear and when. It is super important.
We have a rapper who is going to come in. We are going to re-do “Foo” which is the song that we give 50% of the proceeds to The Layla Grace Children’s Cancer Foundation. We are going to re-mix it and have a rapper on there whose name is 2Cold. That has been going over real well at live shows, so we thought we better record it. We close with it now and the crowd gets all crazy. My sister just started playing violin with us again.
Yes, she sure does. I give her a hard time about this, but she took a break for a while and we played this big show at the House of Blues down here and it was packed. She was in the audience and afterwards she said “I should have played.” And I was like “I told you.” Now, she is all excited, so she will play with us whenever she can. She plays by ear and she reads music, so she can play anything just by listening. She has been playing violin since she was five, so it is good to have family in there, it makes it fun.
Yes it does, I agree.
Yeah, we took a little hiatus.
Absolutely! When we came back, it was a completely different line-up. I got kind of burnt out. I got to the point where I said I was just going to - Muen Magazine

"Dimitri's Rail"

Lately, there’s been a big increase in the number of Rock bands who have been submitting their work to the site. Not that there is a problem with that…the more bands who submit, the better.
Dimitri’s Rail’s sound as a whole reminds me of a band I covered a while back, Louder Than Love (Louder Than Love Review). They are firmly rooted in the alternative-rock sound, but aren’t a Nickelback clone by any means (*collective sigh of relief*).
They definitely have a unique blend of styles which will make them stand out from other bands in the genre.
Here’s a brief bio of the band:
Dimitri’s Rail originally hit the alternative rock scene in 2001. A project started by songwriter/front-man Paul Ehmer, Dimitri’s Rail has evolved over the last few years to become one of Texas’ best original live rock bands. Hard efforts have paid off leading to accomplishments such as a nomination for male vocalist / band of the year by the academy of Texas music, becoming a 94.5 The Buzz: Texas Buzz Featured band, and have been featured in such popular music festivals; Midpoint Music Festival (Cincinnati, Oh) Northgate Music Festival (College Station, Tx) and Austin, Tx’s famous SXSW. In 2003 DR released their debut album, “Seasons of the Weak” which was recorded at Houston’s renowned Sugar Hill Studios.
I definitely can detect a Layne Staley-esque vocal tone in Paul Ehmer’s (lead vocals) singing. The first song I thought of when I heard ‘Foo’ was Alice in Chain’s ‘Sunshine’ (the verses, at least).
Some of the guitar parts are reminiscent of a Rage Against the Machine song (‘Paint Me’), but don’t worry if you aren’t an RATM fan. Paul doesn’t get down on his knees and scream his lungs out in the name of rebellion.
The chorus of ‘Wake Up’ even sounds a bit like a Velvet Revolver/Godsmack type of vocal segment. I’m always hesitant to compare anyone to mainstream bands like those though, because there is always someone who is going to automatically pigeonhole a band into category X or Y because of it. Before that happens, let me say that the rest of the song sounds nothing like a song by either of those two bands.
Go find out for yourself what I mean by that. And by that, I mean listen to the track embedded below.
For more information on Dimitri’s Rail and to hear other tracks by the band, visit the Dimitri’s Rail MySpace Page. - Outsider Vocals

"Dimitri's Rail "Wake Up" Houston"

In January Houston's own Dimitri's Rail hit #1 on the Clear Channel New Music Chats Nation wide -
Read more here -http://scenelive.net/print-edition-february-2011-front-to-back/ - The Scene

"Dimitri's Rail Teams Up With The Layla Grace Children's Cancer Research Foundation"

The Layla Grace Children's Cancer Research Foundation and Indie Extreme/Desert Highway Records rock band, Dimitri's Rail have teamed up to raise money for new discoveries in childhood cancer. Dimitri’s Rail has agreed to donate 50% of the proceeds of their song "Foo" to research projects funded by the Layla Grace Foundation.

Dimitri's Rail has worked closely with the Layla Grace Children's Cancer Research Foundation since early 2010 and the band is involved in several fund raising projects with them. The goal is to raise thousands of dollars to help find new treatment options for children with cancer.

Dimitri’s Rail is distributed by Universal Music Group / Fontana through Indie Extreme and hopes that with each download they will create greater public consciousness for this great cause and foundation. Be sure to download "Foo" today on iTunes , Rhapsody , Amazon or your favorite internet or mobile store. Lets all work together to fight cancer!

Layla Grace Children's Cancer Foundation : http://www.laylagrace.org

Dimitri's Rail: http://www.dimitrisrail.com

About Indie Extreme, LLC (www.indieextreme.com): Indie Extreme, LLC (with offices in Houston, TX and Nashville, TN) provides marketing, management and administrative services for independent artists and record labels worldwide. Serving as a business process outsourcing (BPO) company since 2006, the Company allows independent artists and their labels to focus their efforts and energies on their creative pursuits while leveraging the Company’s infrastructure for all of the administrative aspects of their business/career.

About UMCG/Fontana Distribution: Fontana, the independent arm of UMGD, provides unparalleled sales and marketing support, as well as back office services, for a diverse roster of labels and their artists. Fontana distributes more than 60 labels including American Gramophone, Angeles Records, Big Vin, Delicious Vinyl, Ipecac, Mad Science Recordings, Nitro, Quango, Rendezvous, Six Degrees, SMC, Telarc, Trustkill, Upstairs Records, Vagrant Records, VP Records, Warcon, and many others. Universal Music Christian Group is a newly formed division of Fontana, offering labels quality service at all levels, from retail marketing and sales to digital initiatives and administrative services. UMCG distributes more than 20 labels including Executive Music Group, Arrow Records, Concord Records, Desert Music Group, Geffen, Music World, Island and many others - MI2N

"Through Bayou Fest 2011 Dimitri's Rail Partners Once Again With Layla Grace"

Indie Extreme/Desert Highway Records rock band, Dimitri’s Rail has once again partnered with the Layla Grace Foundation www.laylagrace.org to raise awareness and needed funds for childhood cancer research. Bayou Fest 2011 www.bayoufesthouston.com is the brainchild of the band’s front man, Paul Ehmer in partnership with Hank and Mark Cortez of Music Media Productions. Their passion for helping the foundation accomplish its goals has birthed this downtown Houston rock festival.

Paul Ehmer’s passion for the organization began when he became acquainted with the family of Layla Grace after a performance at The House of Blues in February of 2010. He was approached after the concert by Jennifer Medina, now Director of Events /Promotion for the foundation, about the band performing in a fundraiser she was organizing to help the Marsh family pay for neuroblastoma treatments for their 2 yr old, Layla Grace. That March Dimitri’s Rail donated their time and talent to entertain the people who attended the event at the Meridian. Within a few days following the fundraiser, Layla Grace passed away. To continue his support for the foundation Paul Ehmer booked the entertainment for A Taste Of Cy-fair a fund raising event that drew 3000 people on June 13th and raised over $20,000 for the foundation. In efforts to continue Layla’s legacy and fill the need for more patient focused discoveries in childhood cancer treatment, Ryan & Shanna Marsh founded Layla Grace Children’s Cancer Research Foundation. As a result of his participation in the Taste of Cy-Fair event, Paul got to know the Marsh family and has continued to look for ways to support and advance the foundation.

Layla’s story (http://laylagrace.org/who-we-are/laylas-story/ ) has had a far reaching impact over the past year in the development of parental empowerment and research in childhood cancer. The foundation has committed that 85% percent of all donations go directly to awarding grants for new discoveries in childhood cancer. Grants are reviewed and approved by the foundations Scientific Advisory Board. As corporate sponsors and events like Bayou Fest 2011 step forward, the percentage of donations that go directly to science will increase.

Bayou Fest 2011 is scheduled for April 16, 2011 at Verizon Wireless Theater, Bayou Place and Hard Rock Café in downtown Houston. The all day event will feature Dimitri’s Rail along with 26 other national, regional and local bands on 3 different stages. Tickets are general admission for $29, kids (15 and under) are $15, VIP tickets are $89 and special Backstage Access is $250. Tickets go on sale on February 26th at 1:00pm at Ticketmaster www.ticketmaster.com . 100% of the proceeds from Bayou Fest 2011 go directly to support the Layla Grace Foundation in their mission of funding new discoveries in childhood cancer.

Bayou Fest 2011 is sponsored by Hard Rock Café . To learn more about sponsorship opportunities please contact Paul Ehmer at - widepr.com


2010 - EP Wake Up - distributed by Universal Fontana
2011 - Will Never Break - National radio single
2012 - airplay on Will Never Break , Through the Window , Back to You
2012 - Pre Release of THE ALBUM " Back to You "



DR is a four piece modern rock band from Texas. They released their first EP with Universal Music Group/Fontana “Wake Up” through Indie Extreme / Desert Highway
Records in 2010. The title track, “Wake Up”, received airplay on major market radio stations KTBZ 94.5 The Buzz in February of 2010, reaching #51 on the national play list
for the station. The band continued to sustain a top 10 national ranking on the Clear Channel New Music Network which is used to select artists for national airplay.

- With this success, DR received airplay nationally with the single “Will Never Break” from their upcoming release of their national debut album in February of 2011 on
KMOD/Tulsa, KNCN/Corpus Christi,WHEB/Portsmouth, WRQK/Canton, WTKX,Pensacola,\WXEG/Dayton and WXTB/Tampa, Rock 103.9 Bryan College Station.