Dim Locator

Dim Locator

 Denton, Texas, USA

William Kapinos is Dim Locator. The former frontman for TX legends Jetscreamer now plays blues and hillbilly music crossed with the sounds of a beat-up old jalopy and just a touch of arthritis.


Dim Locator, the nom de plume of William Kapinos, has been tearing up stages in and around Texas in earnest since 2009. His long awaited debut, Live at Big Acre Sound, is being released on cassette (yep, a tape) on Escarbada Records in early 2016. It is the very first release of any original Dim Locator songs ever. It's a perfect snapshot of what a typical Dim Locator set sounds in all of it's rip-roaring/teeth gnashing glory.


Dim Locator - Live at Big Acre Sound EP cassette (Escarbada Records 2016)

Dove Hunter - Black Cloud Erupt Us CD (Idol Records 2015)

Dim Locator - "Mattie" b/w "Spell On You" 7 in. (TXMF 2011)

Spitfire Tumbleweeds - Pope Crow CD (TXMF 2009)

Jetscreamer - Hinterland (unreleased 2008)

Jetscreamer - Starhead CD (Bella Union 2003)

The Falcon Project - Lights Karma Action (Idol Records 2000)

The Falcon Project - The Revenge of Sonic Soular (Idol Records 1998)

Set List

Avg set time = 40 min.