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DIMONET...what can I say but this band has something great going for it. A band from Arizona which puts punk, jazz, blues, and rock in a bucket and magic starts flowing out like a science fair project volcano. Every few minutes you listen to one of their songs it reminds you of some other band, like jams from Phish, ingenious lyrics like Eve 6, even reminiscent of Incubus at times. But on top of all these similarities, they manage to sound really like nothing else out there right now. With their self titled album just out, I can't wait to hear all their songs. And especially the live shows, from all I've read about these guys, CD's don't do justice compared to a live show. What a great find in this band. I suggest everyone should go check out these guys at all cost, you won't hear a thing like them, and you won't be disappointed in the least. - MySpace / Indie CD Review

"Phoenix NewTimes 12/07"

By Niki D'Andrea
Published: December 27, 2007

This East Valley quartet labels its music as "rock/funk/jazz," but it's easy enough to file their self-titled debut under just good ol' "rock." Many of the songs feature piano alongside precise rock guitar hooks and funky bass lines, along with memorable lyrics like "Revolving doors of whores and deadbeat guys" (from "Empty Space," a cheeky romp on the ivories akin to a Ben Folds Five song). Some songs, like "This Morning," sound more full than others, with its slinky bass groove and epic pop-rock chorus reminiscent of Mute Math or a funkier Coldplay (sample lyric: "This morning, there is blood across the bed"). Other songs veer away from the clean indie-rock vibe, most notably "Forever," which sets acoustic guitar and vocals that are half-rapped atop a popping drum beat. Singer Mitchell Bogner's nasal vocals help make the tune resemble something Bloodhound Gang might record if they tried to keep straight faces. The most blatantly rockin' number here is "Something's Got to Give," which is layered with crazy keys and keeps pace with any pop punk/ska song worth its salt. Overall, this is a solid — if not somewhat sonically scattered — debut for Dimonet.
- Village Voice Media


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Dimonet is an original band from Scottsdale, Arizona, whose sound has evolved into a unique blend of rock, hard rock, punk rock, rap-rock and blues rock, with a smart and yet delicate frosting of rock across the top. Anyone who has seen their live performance knows that they have an appeal unlike anything else in the Valley of the Sun. Jeff Pivin lays down a solid backbone with his fierce yet refined drumming, over which bassist Will Wilkinson threads his crushed grooves. John Creasey mixes his unforgettable guitar melodies with both atmospheric washes and slamming chords, and Mitch Bogner commands the keyboard with veteran confidence, while spitting fire across the crowd with his unique vocal style and soul-bending lyrics. They can be found online at dimonetonline.net, myspace.com/dimonetonline, or out moving crowds across the country.