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Powerful vocalist and songwriter Dina Fanai weaves together ambient classical strings with driving world beats in her new dance rock opera "Games of Steel", touring in the US, Europe, and Asia 2007-2009.


Dina Fanai has performed throughout the United States and abroad as a vocalist, pianist, original composer and as a featured singer with the with Trans-Siberian Orchestra. She continues to receive grants and awards from The Songwriter's Hall of Fame and the National Endowment for the Arts. She is now starring in "Games Of Steel", Attack Theatre's newest dance rock opera which she has co-written and will be touring in the USA, Europe and Asia in 2007-2009. Dina has written and produced for Universal Records USA and Columbia/Japan records as well as doing extensive A&R/Artist Development for Major Label Recording acts and Arena tours. This year she was honored to be asked to sing the National Anthem for the New York Rangers in commemoration of Pearl Harbor Day, December 7th at Madison Square Garden. Dina has just released her 4th CD entitled ‘My Prayer


Without You

Written By: Dina Fanai

Here in the sun I am watching as the shadows run
To where I have broken away
I hear your voice behind the door where ghosts still play
They have chosen to stay

Secrets and lines shattering time
into pieces on the ground
Left holding the dust of what remains
as the memory's fades

Tonight I'll sleep without you
breathe without you,
dream without you
Learn how to live without you
Remember who I am without you

Alone with the sand
falling through my empty hands
left with nothing but faith
While I wait on the shore
with no sign the tide is rolling in
my heart is turning to stone

Secrets and lines shattering time into pieces on the ground
Left holding the dust
of what remains
as you're drifting away

I remember the open sky
(without you)
I remember when gold eagles still could fly (without you)
I remember the ocean wind
(without you)
and maybe I'll find a way someday to let you back in

House Of Steel

Written By: Dina Fanai, Dave Eggar

Cold as steel
eyes that stare right through me
watching time passing by
Shining bright
and I've been more than willing
in the dark to see

How long till I know
that every time I fall
I'm closer to home
I believe I can fly
trying to find something more real
in this house of steel

A faded sky
A fading picture of me
standing right beside you in the rain
The faded night and fading dreams remind me
somewhere in the distance I'll remain

Sometimes too cold, too hard, too strong
to bend, to breath
Sometimes too weak, too deep, too old,
to fight, to win, to live

Cold as steel
This song remains a memory
look around it's what you feel
Heart of stone
slipping through the bucket
into the sea
the sea of life


My Prayer (artist/songwriter/producer) One Vision Music, Inc
Vision (artist/songwriter/producer) One Vision Music, Inc
I Believe (artist/songwriter/producer) One Vision Music, Inc
Remembering The Vision (artist/songwriter/producer) One Vision Music, Inc
Lost Christmas Eve (vocalist) Lava/ Atlantic
Left Of Blue (associate producer) Domo Columbia/ Japan
Angelic Embrace (composer) Universal/ Domo
Serrenity (assistant producer) Universal/ Domo

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Set List

Na kumpenda malika
Everything To Me
Nothing Fits
Sonho pra voce
I Believe

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