Dinahsta Thomas

Dinahsta Thomas


Dinahsta, affectionately known as Miss Kiane, writes poetry that cuts to the core of one's being and penetrates the soul. Spiritually inspired, Miss Kiane's musical poetry combines worshipful melodies with raw emotion giving her poetry a style that many can relate to.


Life has its many twists and turns, but the one thing that has been consistent for Miss Kiane is her poetry. "Some people thrive on the competition of Corporate America. While others labor to save the Earth. I write. Poetry is my friend...my soul....my catharsis....my gift to the world".

Miss Kiane says that her mother influenced her writing. "As a matter of fact, she was the inspiration for my very first published poem. She encouraged me to "read" the dictionary and find words that were rarely used but had profound meaning".

Miss Kiane has been writing poetry since grade school with publications in several creative writing magazines. The Poetry Society has recognized and published her work in at least two of their anthologies. She's had the pleasure of performing in several diverse venues such as college campuses, spoken word clubs, and churches.

As a born again Believer in Jesus Christ, Miss Kiane's poetry is extremely spiritual. It speaks to the worshipful relationship between God and the Believer, but it also speaks to the deeply felt feelings of one's soul during what we call "process".

As a spoken word artist, her work is not typical. The message is deep. It's provoking. It's life-changing.

Set List

Go Ahead
Wonderful and Intricate
In the Palm of His Hand
He Said
Good Exposure
The Dark
Permanent Impression
We Sing a New Song
I Got Real Close to God Today

A typical performance contains between 20-35 minutes of material.