Dinco (The Black Pirate King Jamez)

Dinco (The Black Pirate King Jamez)

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Hip Hop in the proverbial Nut Shell


DINCO of Leaders of the New School. Leaders of The New School, a seminal group that is assuredly engraved in the annals of music & hip-hop history. Group members Charlie Brown, Busta Rhymes & Dinco D created a sound that to this day and time is mimicked with great frequency. Leaders of The New School was one of the first hip-hop groups to implement other more fun and ingenuitive facets into their music such as choreographed dance steps, comedic aspects, afro centricity and just and overall exciting energy to what was becoming a truly monotonous art form beginning to wane in it’s levels of creativity. Leaders of The New School, a very important group that will be researched & imitated for years to come.


Case Of The P.T.A. (Elektra Records) - Single

A Future Without A Past... (Elektra, 1991) - ALBUM

The International Zone Coaster (Elektra Records) - Single

Sobb Story (Elektra Records) - Single

T.I.M.E. (Elektra, 1993) - ALBUM

Classic Material (Elektra Records) - Single

Set List

Flash Back Intro
Spin Facta
Rise & Fall
Danc'N Queen
Up All Nite