Din Din Aviv

Din Din Aviv


One of the foremost Israeli singers and musicians of recent times. Her successful debut album "Sodotay" won her the ACUM (Israel's ASCAP) "best new artist" prize in 2006. She is currently touring across the country.


The daughter of two well-known Israeli musicians, Din Din Aviv was always surrounded by music.
She studied singing, ballet and African dance as a child, and later percussion and singing at the acclaimed Rimon School of Contemporary Music.
She spent some time in India studying percussion and traditional singing, and started collaborating with acts such as GAYA, the Idan Reichel Project and Mosh Ben-Ari, all extremely popular in Israel.
In 2006, Din Din released her eagerly awaited debut - "Sodotay" (My Secrets) - with the single "mukeret li mipa'am" (a moment before sunset) toping the charts for several weeks and earning her a nomination for "best song" and "best new artist" at the Israeli Music Channel Awards. In February, "Sodotay" reached gold status.

Din Din had recently received the ACUM (Israel's ASCAP) "Golden Feather" prize in 2006, for "best new artist" and Moshe Da'abul, the album's producer recieved the "best achievement in production" prize.

The album was followed by a national tour still running successfully, and in August 2007, In what seemed to be one of the most impressive artist developments of recent years in Israel, Din Din was announced as the reciepient of the highest award for cultural achievements in music, given by the minister of culture.

Din Din is also a chosen artist of the Israeli Cultural excellence Foundation.


Free Between Worlds (2008)
My Secrets (2006)