Dine-in & Dance

Dine-in & Dance


Epic? ... maybe. Poppy? ... could be. This is Dine-in&Dance. The perfect blend of melody, rhythm, & energy, creating one of the ears’ most sought out sounds. Unique and powerful to say the least, Dine-in&Dance combine solid rock music with blazing keys and in your face vocals, recreating piano rock.


With similar goals of making music and influences spanning the entire musical spectrum, four guys got together for the sake of composition. Frontman Jared Pena, classically trained pianist and talented vocalist, among other things, brings the most colorful of sounds to the plate by giving the band the deeper sonic power of the piano. Music being the main influence, from classic rock to popular scene music, many songs cover a wide variety of genres which promotes a very unique sound.


Dine-in & Dance - DEMO - EP

Set List

Epic intro, into quick hitters. Then followed by the most musical songs. Ended with hardest songs last.

Set time ranges - 30mins. to 45 mins.

Tails and Ribbons.
Ten Thirty.

(many more setlists possible)