Dingbat with Kaleidoscope Eyes

Dingbat with Kaleidoscope Eyes


An unknown energy surrounds Dingbat with Kaleidoscope Eyes. They invest their time on this earth wisely and only produce meaningful and inspiring art. You can almost make out images as their music plays. Everyone needs a place to go and they would love to take you on a trip at one of their shows.


Every band Dingbat was in ended up falling apart. He was fed up with working in a group dynamic so he decided to do a project by himself. While producing and arranging songs Dingbat realized it would be best to have a band do shows with him. He turned to his wife Baby and pal Aaron for help but the group was still missing something. Dingbat asked his co-worker Jason to come over and jam sometime. One thing led to another and the four have now become Dingbat with Kaleidoscope Eyes. They work every day to better themselves as artists and refuse to create satisfactory music. Each member of Dingbat with Kaleidoscope Eyes has their own influences and talents. One thing they all have in common is they believe in each other and what they create together.


Make Some Room

Written By: Dingbat

You loose many things to gain a different frame/
Crooked applause when shadows cause the blame/
Slowly slink, or blink yourself away today/
Just may just might make out everything in eyelid sight/
Close to expose carnivals or soggy sandwich drift/
Rift forming exploring fog horns and single mingle minds/
A chip off the old log troughing wasps instead of hogs/
Similar, but it’s not easy being singular must be regular/
Two shots to connect the sporadic dots with whip cream dream/
Cash rules everything around so you must like to swallow without a sound/
Yellow bricks don’t always lead to a higher ground/
There will be blood but let it pump in veins not in vein/
Or fist like this or like that or like this/ and uh

Its okay to smoke the chronic just try not to rely on it/
Lean on me, but you can’t believe everything you hear/
So maybe, just maybe, you might want to steer clear/
No dub spinning, happy sinning, thanking myself/
Because god it was an awful lot of fucking work/

Slack off or slack on/
Back off or get on it/
Sweet sweat with no regrets/
There will always be comments/

Batter make your dough/
I’ll take mine to go/
You got bread to show?/
I got crumbs and conundrums/
Post apocalyptic cryptic, if we were equipped with a flipper/
Then maybe we could hear the oceans whimper/
We don’t have time/ We have money
This conversation is costing me too much sonny/
Sho sho sho
It’s like doing all you can for a blond dyke you like/
Then finding out she’s not into your pre op dick bike/
Because the L word is hell word/
Though Jesus would say that statement’s not true/
It must be, because it’s brought to you by a company that cares about you/
We the people don’t equal what it takes to form their perfect union/
So after me repeat this in unison/

I pledge to meet the edge/
Because we’re close anyhow/
Don't follow what they say/
No way, no how/
We need a little help people/
With time we can create the perfect sequel/

Make those hands move/
Or they’ll make your hands move/
If you’re blind to this then/
Every things going according to plan/
They make no room for the common man/
Make some room/

Let it be, but don’t forget what made it be/


Written By: Dingbat

You should get two headed it keeps you twice as fed/
Cyclops and an autopsy by a human oddity/
Inner ear led to fear what the spirit said/
For cosmic Christ sakes maybe that’s what it takes/
If you can bleed the Grey’s this freakshow really pays/
Midget digit malformed what’s really the norm?/
Swarm of bees but you could just do what you do/
Mountain fountain flow to know what we don’t know/
Sacred garden pardon need a guide or two to grow/
Follow your leopard man and enjoy the show/
Portrait of an artist not trying their hardest/
Harvest hoard after shared goblet pored/
Commodity net the spider-mans trap is set/
Life’s a cobweb hotel; oh well, check out with no regrets/
A being that makes up infinity it couldn’t be/
You can’t run we’re having fun come and see/

Gooble gobble, gooble gobble/
We will make you one of us/
Gooble gobble, gooble gobble/
We will make you one of us/

What a freak, but you’re so clear when you speak/
Glass shatter face look but you’re more than an image/
Midget wishes at least the stars twinkle for you/
Glow or grow know that there’s more out there like you/
Arm length inferiority, you’re in the majority/
If you feel no one wants you you’re not alone/
Live normal by being abnormal and proud of it/
If you’re one of us you should just admit it/ (I’m a freak)


Dingbat- "It Begins Here" Oct. 2006
Dingbat with Kaleidoscope Eyes- "Demo" Feb. 2008

Set List

"Freaks", "Make Some Room", "Spork Remix", "Capes Up! Remix", "Dream Sequence Remix", "Corridor Illusions", "Robot Stroll", "Cave Digger Trailer", "Channel Serf"

A typical set is around 45 minutes

Dingbat with Kaleidoscope Eyes are choosy about their covers. They make sure they can do a song justice and it is a song they all enjoy. Rage Against the Machine's "Killing in the Name" and Wu-Tang Clan's "C.R.E.A.M" are two covers they have performed at shows.