Dining Dead

Dining Dead


Mixing the melodic, thoughtful nature of the Great Lake Swimmers with the genre-bending references of Radiohead, DINING DEAD is a folk alternative act that's big on musicality, good taste and grassroots promotion -- all fueled by guitar, bass, drums, banjo and sweet harmonies.


The Dining Dead is a young group – a trio of innovative, well-rounded musicians hailing from Sault Ste Marie – but their age belies their talent and vision. After playing together for seven years and recording two, as-of-yet unreleased EPs, the band is working on a full-length project in the vein of Canadian indie acts like Wintersleep, Great Lake Swimmers and The Crooked Brothers: an album of original, complex, thematically linked, instrumentally rich and lyrically diverse songs written by the performers themselves.

The band pursues music because of a lifelong passion to perform, write and appreciate the art-form in its diversity, a fact that can be appreciated when considering that while the Dead’s sound leans to the indie / folk spectrum, it had roots in metal! The band is made up of fervent music lovers who have made it a mission to take a page from Grizzly Bear and Radiohead: make music that you love and you will undoubtedly find an audience willing to listen.

The Dining Dead is: Chris Cucullo (guitar, banjo, vocals), Andrew Sowka (bass, additional guitars, vocals) and Vince Aquilina (drums; ukulele; vocals). The band is made up of lifelong friends whose musical influence began at an early age: in case of Vince Aquilina, folk music wasn't just a past time, it was a serious vocation - the drummer's father cut high school short to pursue music and that interest carried over to family life. Aquilina was raised in a musical household filled with instruments and joined a youth choir as a boy. Sowka's childhood wasn't much different - his uncle repaired and built mandolins and ukuleles - and lyricist Cucullo's father prided himself on his collection of guitars. Simply put, for the boys in the Dining Dead, music was serious business, and finding joy in it became effortless.

The band is now working with producer Ben Leggett, a North Bay native (now based in Ottawa) who has previously worked with Bohemian Cove, Josh Dimmel, Dago Red, Kyle Fowle & Hilary Lynd, Cody Allen, Words of Wisemen and many others.


'Awkward People' EP (2010) - available at http://diningdead.bandcamp.com;

'Apples, Zinc + The Everything Kitchen Sink' - Brood Records EP (2010) featuring 'Lose the Attitude';

"Will Eat At Your Establishment" LP (2010);

Set List

Set list will be comprised from as of yet unreleased albums and will be determined shortly.